Fathomless Seer on Oct22 2011

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Fathomless Seer
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I recognize the fathomless seer within me therefore I see the fathomless seer in new people I encounter in my daily adventures opening out.
My curious pioneer in my core scenery sending forth my valiant voyager to engage the gallant prophet or peeress prophetess in a conversation.
To expand my wisdom freeing my forthright frontiersman to listen like an Apache Tracker on the trail of a band of bandits.
Because I understand this conversation will unshackle a bondage that is stealthily controlling my life experiences so instantly I choose to listen with.
My heart speak with my luminary kernel express my savant sagaciousness in the conversation to grasp the genuine guru-ness the nimble-witted sage is articulating.
So I am listening with focus envisioning my newborn invention while eavesdropping on the conversation with my emotional astuteness that energizes my state-of-the-art genius.
To exit the encounter with a heartened gutsiness to employ shark attack action on my luminary idea boldly running to my enterprising environment.
To reveal realize and experience the conception of my idea into reality facilitating mega-billions into all my account authorizing me to sit on.
My triumphant throne of I envisioned engaged expanded energized my enterprising utopian to profusely experience heaven on earth in a posh luxurious way.
Unfurling my philosophy-eye-zing wisdom innovation love laughter exalting people into seeing the cosmos as regal rich exploration of their inner topography.
To experience lavish abundances of wealth in every facet of their life in a enlivened enriched way as I am profusely prosperously perched on.
My mountain of wisdom wealth innovation sapience determined omnipotence manifesting all my desires in an aggrandizing audacious way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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