Awe-Inspiring Wit on Oct21 2011

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My Rabble Rousing Resolve Emancipates My Awe-Inspiring Wit
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My rabble rousing resolve emancipates my awe-inspiring wit to win intuitively tantalizing my wonderful world of wisdom I live and reside.
To understand everything that isn’t is and everything I think the world is isn’t because thinking I know everything about something is the no can do creates the pooh in the stew.
Is the stinking thinking blowing in the swirling winds of chaos invoking the poke irritating the hell out of my egotistical haughtiness.
Now I cognize when chaos appears it is the fissure the seizure of my big-go ego to go of the rusty crusty old moldy ways I look feel smell touch and taste life.
Opens the way for me to realize my thinking is fink stealing my dreams because the physical world is a non-thinking world frees the inner mechanism to appreciate.
My dreams dawn real expansive animated magnetism listening to my omnipotent omniscient oracle to see the marvelous miraculous world as a wonderful opportunity revealing love dreaming to deem.
My supreme me is me supernaturally unleashing-my prophet-eyes-zing resolve exhilarating magnanimous effusiveness unsealing.
My sassy sex appeal revealing my dauntless enterprising energies magnificence showcasing my rabble rousing to recognize.
My emotional energies birth my sired desires while my overthink of what I think the people think I should do is the thief of my dreams.
As my overthink is the bank robber stealing my self-esteem now that I am audaciously amazed to understand I have the sand to expand out of the quicksand to comprehend.
I am the robber baron stealing my dreams allows me to recognize I am the private of my desired life frees.
My core sunlit décor to be the esteemed emancipator energizing stalwart tenacity expanding entrepreneurial majesty to be the monarch of my life.
To say I am free inside me to unleash my hearts darting discernment aggrandizing rich tantalizing innovation naturalizing genuine.
Galvanizing expansive newborn undaunted intuitive newborn enterprising wise in the universal vista opening a way for people.
To see their rabble rousing resolve emancipate their awe-inspiring wit to life vehemently free today and every day in a rich milk chocolate way.
As I soar in my prophesizing prosperity understand I expanded the universe into utopia nurturing intuition vigorously expanding real sapience edifying.
My glorious never ending flow feeling emotionally energized seeing my light of sapience feeling touching tasting and hearing my winds of winning wisdom today and every day in a lissome lively way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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