Sunrise Wise on Oct20 2011

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I Am Sunrise Wise Revealing My Sunset Supremacy
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am sunrise wise revealing my sunset supremacy soaring thru the instinctual cosmos at an avatar altitude televising my stainless aptitude broadcasting my Thor attitude.
To smile in the eye of a challenge while I laugh in the face of chaos realizing my I am encompass the rock-em-sock-em knock-em out galvanizing grit get and go.
To expand my imaginative wisdom to unbind my mind to wind up my sagacious magnanimous intuitive love expanding thru out and beyond every challenging dare.
That is innate to my purposeful journey because Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies my intentions and God purposefully passionately & lovingly place in.
My path planting astute tantalizing home grown honour ethics morals as the code of real respect I have for me in my innermost landscape therefore I set free.
My commitment optimistic discernment engaging my innermost courageous curio expand my sapience energizing my enterprising wise.
To savor every experience I flamboyantly encounter with galvanizing gutsy gusto because I optimistically understand a challenge and chaos are the letting go of the moldy old stuck in muck of attachment.
To yesterday’s ways opens my spirit heart mind temple unlock my forthright fortitude to look into eye of chaos boss telling the chaos I see the light of wisdom you encompass because.
I understand chaos is correlating-my highest astounding outcomes sensationally freeing my inner Christopher Columbus to explore.
My internal savvy philosopher exposing my winning wherewithal whimsically harmonizing edifying robust energized wisdom igniting tenacious hegemony ardently loving my day in every way.
Opens the way for me to walk fancy free down my affluent avenues of profuse prosperity because I choose to engage in hearts journey to be the teacher of my journey.
Because I am the buzz of my cuzz of my opulently optimizing my I can unleashes-my zinging zeal recognizing my zealous Zen buzzes colorful charisma with honey bee wisdom.
Pollenates my charismatic cosmos with optimistic sovereign solvency exposing my newborn innovation unlocking people’s souls to express there I can fortitude today and every day in regal rich way.
As I sashay in my hay day of opulent opulence and triumphant terrificness in a wise enterprising way.
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