Preakness Prosperity on Oct19 2011

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Preakness Prosperity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Eye am experiencing Preakness Prosperity by authorizing my preeminent regal edifying astute kite-flying notable seer sagaciousness profoundly.
Realizing stellar poise expansively ringing innovative triumphant yes-zing my Yahweh to open way for me to zealously unleash my Disney Land of Wisdom to ardently animate.
Preakness Prosperity in heart opulence and in the hearts mind spirit soul DNA and in every cell of their temple sanctioning every person.
To emotionally feel their steely strength in their core autonomy mirroring a racehorse running down the homestretch winning the Preakness.
Then strutting their studly supremacy into the winners circle photocopying folks riding their gallant genius into their profuse Prosperity.
Opening out a pristine new premise in their enterprising psyche they have won their Preakness with their racehorse gustiness.
As I realize the words I speak unbridles my wise oracle renders discernment serving the universe broadcasts sharp new realizations thru the airwaves of the universe.
Televising my Disney Land of wisdom showcasing my sovereign sapience freeing the populace of the world to fathom they are victorious in their Preakness winning journey with newborn insight by.
Listening they unshackle new imaginative visions energizing rabble-rousing songs emancipating them from their ingrained history encompassed in their inner landscape opening the way for folks.
To let go of their poverty consciousness impoverished DNA understanding history is taught for control unbolts.
A bright new wealth and success novel in their heart hegemony to stroll down their walk of fame in a fantastic free way.
Unknotting my incredible invincible cognitive cognitions that when my visions thoughts feelings and emotions are forthrightly focused on my cherished outcomes.
I am centered balanced and grounded in my horizontal time line and vertical time line unleashes a exploding erupting expansive enterprising energy.
Unleashing I am the Preakness winner in my heart mind soul spirit DNA and every cell of my temple in an enlightened boundless way.
As I ride relishing my sapiential sunrise articulating my seeds of wisdom sovereign-eyes-zes my sapient sunset beaming the Golden Globe Glow of my Preakness Prosperity liberates.
My lively infinite bounty expanding robust affluence terrifically energizing my lavish avalanches of luxurious copiousness in free flowing way.
Thank You
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