Attention Businesses! It is Time For Green Design!

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Attention Businesses!  It is Time For Green Design!


As we’ve spoken about over the past month, The Green Register is a truly fantastic website that brings all things ‘green’ into our universe.  However, what readers must also know is that The Green Register is also a brilliant voice for the modern world.


It seems like only recently that this world has begun to come to terms with the fact that we must save our environment in order to save ourselves.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to have someone – a pillar of strength, if you will – standing behind us and leading us in the right direction.  The Green Register is just such a ‘leader.’


There are numerous ‘arms’ that come off the ‘going green’ philosophy, and this week we will be covering the monumental arm of pure and utter Green Design.  This is when businesses, organizations, companies, and people come together to use design materials and ‘green’  products and services in order to enhance our days and save our environment at the same time.  It was recently found that, beginning with the industrial revolution and the experimentation, discovery, and patents issued that led the technological world into a new dimension, the earth and the environment have become lost along the way.  Our global ecosystems are being harmed, and destroyed, for the advancement of science.


As anyone will tell you this century will bring about a population explosion; we, as a people, will certainly double – perhaps triple – and the resources that are available to each and every one of us will become nonexistent.  Without finding a way to change our current existence, this plant and its ecosystem will soon be a thing of the past.


Now there are many companies and ideas out there in the world right now that are banding together to introduce new concepts and unveil new ways of living that will help all of humanity to ‘go green.’  From the home to the business, where recycling is of utmost importance, the natural world is slowly combining with the technological one.  In doing this, science, technology, as well as nature and earth, will all be able to harmonize in a much more giving process.  This combination, a happy medium that will allow both science and nature to work as one, will allow our world and her people to continue far into the next century.


Today’s children are in desperate need of a future, and that future can only depend on having a world they can live in and grow old.  In order to have that world Green Design is THE way that the rest of us can limit ourselves and save the environment all at the same time. The demands we’ve put on Earth’s ecosystems are not sustainable the way they are set at this point in time, so being able to learn and educate ourselves on how we can help the environment instead of harming it, is the most important subject on the table in 21st Century.


It is also important to note that businesses and the invention of new technologies actually rely on the ecosystem and our natural environment in order to succeed.  We must always have the main systems on this earth working, in order to survive as humans.  This includes things like the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the energy necessary to survive.  Waste processing and recycling are huge issues that the people have to change, take care of, and reinvent in order to move on.  Because if we keep going as we are – let’s face it – without air, water, food, and energy we are simply just watching the clock tick down on our lives.


Air pollution is one of the most significantly frightening issues in the world as it is today.  Our very children need a better environment that will not only support their health, growth and well-being, but also give them the peace to be able to learn more about the world and succeed in having a future in it. It comes as no surprise that there has been an increase in childhood illnesses over time, simply because of indoor air pollution.  Yes…indoor.  ‘Bad’ air comes from many building products including fiberglass, paint, drywall, and more, and it truly amazes many when they are told that indoor air is actually far more deadly than the outside world. Hence, the complete and utter necessity for ‘green’ building products and ‘green interior design’ products that can improve the air we breathe.


For developmental and health needs for the next generation, there are many things we can – and should – be concentrating on as parents and people. There is a wealth of sustainable materials that will allow business owners to take a minute…a second look…to learn how to preserve, foster, and nurture the world around us.  The use of pure, natural materials will enhance all of our lives, and they are EASY to find!  Businesses, companies – all industries – must use these natural resources, develop water and recycling programs, as well as work on the concept of Green Design.  Not only does it help the people and their children, BUT pushing your company in the direction of ‘going green’ ALSO benefits the companies, themselves.


A company’s bottom line can be raised and additional revenue can be brought in by adapting Green Design in all areas of a company.  Not only are the benefits great, but the public relations aspects that come from teaching awareness, using advertising that speaks about Green Design, as well as providing goodwill and help to the community at large, has already proven to increase sales.  For many businesses, as lists have shown in various articles, the benefits are unbelievably numerous: fund raising garners ‘gifted’ capital; marketing and brand recognition is increased ten-fold by commercial selling; public relations is amazing and branding increases, as the image and logo of the company is seen all over the world.  ON top of all that, public policy is always met to the government’s requirements; and, last but not least, your company can attract quality, skilled, and talented workers because of your ability to not only show that you are ‘the best of the best’ in the industry, but that you also care about your people and the world.


Not only will companies see huge top-of-the-line benefits, but there are also personal lucrative benefits.  By implementing Green Design within your company, the utility savings will be monumental, as you save on your maintenance and utility bills by using only ‘green’ products.  Productivity will increase and employee success will rise in the office, because of the serious overall health improvements to your workers.  Imagine that?!  No more sick days.


As posted in The Green Register, companies, businesses, project owners – everyone – is highly encouraged to register with the USGBC and pursue LEED accreditation. Having the LEED certification means that all critical decisions on what products you should be utilizing happen throughout the entire process of design and construction. 


The Green Register is also here to allow professionals, whose services promote sustainable construction, a huge “voice.” Everyone from architects, designers, consultants, builders to recycling services can play an enormous role in this online community; and, the marketing and advertising that your company will receive is positive to the extreme and will increase your business.


The Green Register and the stunning TIOS  organization are beyond amazing.  As we’ve stated before – and this deserves to constantly be repeated – green building trends, and eco-friendly companies and services, are aided by these incredible organizations.  The Green Register offers you everything from online communities to education to the latest products and services that are guaranteed to increase your revenue!  And, thankfully, they are here to make sure that our population cleans, restores, and sustains our ecosystem so that our children (and theirs) can live long, healthy lives!


Become a part of Green Design as fast as possible!  This is one business decision that you can not afford to delay.


Until Next Time, Everybody!


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