I Am Gliding On Friday Soaring Sky Saturday on Oct14 2011

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I Am Gliding on Friday Soaring Sky-High Saturday
I am gliding on Friday soaring sky-high Saturday relishing my zestful siesta on Sunday as I unwind my inner mind allowing the wonderful world.
To showcase its sassy splendor opening the way for me to surf in Waikiki to trail riding in Tetons white water rafting in Colorado to scuba diving in the Florida Keys.
To jetting to the Ravishing Rivera for breakfast to seeing the Outback in Australia to embellishing my eyes with New England fall colors.
To opening the opalescent rainbow of my entertainment in my mind’s eye to see yachting on the universal oceans of opulence opening the way for me to feel the freedom of an unwound downtown.
Fun time in my feisty Ferreira to drive the ride of my life in the fast lane to say I am gliding on Friday soaring on Saturday understanding.
I trust my robust revolutionary omnipotence brilliantly unleashing sassy troubadour foresight freely opening real energizing superstar genius honing-the trines.
Of my triumphant utopian newborn enterprising sapience energizing my luminary wit witnessing intrepid terra firma realizing the I am stalwart rock-solid in sunlit core décor unsealing the sex appeal.
Of my mother earth connection freeing my titanium spine to be the silver solidity conducting my sagacity electricity correlating my connectivity to universal vista.
Opening a crisp new understanding that silver is the highest conductor of electricity frees my intuitive innovator to the rocket ship navigator of my divine divinity opening my infinity.
Of my victorious affinity polishes the my wisdom into a shining stainless ability to see the world as an enterprising playground of opulent hors d’ oeuvres as feast.
On my free-flowing effervescent affluence sumptuously tasting wealth and success because I understand the proverbial proverb I won my game of life.
Because I choose to engage in daredevil sage to be on the revved rampage exposing my real ardent magnificent percipience aggrandizing genuine effusive profusion in a rich common sense way.
As I sashay on Friday I relish my Saturday to release let go to reenergize my prime time wise I smell the seas of success tasting the breezes of bona-fide abundance hear the wave after wave of wealth.
As I stand overlooking my panorama of my prosperity-o-rama so now I feel free in my inner spree to be in the flow in the go.
Of my never ending amorous appreciation for my winning wisdom expanding my enterprising adventures energizing my common sense today and every day in lively robust way.
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