My Intuitive Futurity Unlocks my Innovative Maturity on Oct12 2011

by Robert Wilson | Print the article |

My intuitive futurity unlocks my innovative maturity dawns the dauntless flaunt of my Zeus zeal unshackles my bold inner bear.
To be on the tear triumphantly expanding acumen revolutionizing my feisty liveliness letting fly my flamboyant flair inspiring the rise of my Houdini Wow unlocking.
The dire irons of the insane of the mundane living the heart ache wallowing in the following of the secret societies self-absorbing manacles that tethers people.
To their way or the highway withering the winning ways because slither the dithering of the folks dreams to make folks cry when you try by the.
I told you so ridicule by squeamish we-mish public demeaning apathy because cult of control know try is truly really yesterday being today the sly falsifiers thrive on.
People’s apathetic behaviors by seeing the dimming & whining way the stealth control’s patrol opens the way for my spirit light to brighten the enlightenment illuminates the heavens with my bold brilliant hearts sunlit wit.
To chime the rhyme in my prime time wise I am the lithering luminary enlivening the universal vista with my electric sagacity engaging the visionary sages within people.
Expanding their wisdom opening the core décor to unleash their enterprising energies broaden their bountiful experiences in a cascading confident way.
Un-halters the faltering of the people allows them to be free in their spiritual spree authorizes me to unleash my swashbuckler sashay to fly away with a brimming grin of I understand so now I expand.
My stalwart sage to engage my courageous curio to explore the lore of my inner terra incognita authorizing my oracle omnipotence unbridle.
My soulful celebration chiming the rhyme in my sublime mind to unwind my hierophant to triumph tantalizing robust innovation utopia-eyes-zing magnanimous prosperity heavenly hallowing.
My name in the marquee lights because I choose to compose omnipotent oomph who I am in my heart temple soul DNA spirit and mind unsaddling my energized emotional landscape.
To hear the wisdom from my mystical unique mystique to understand I am a magician marveling at my canonized abilities to be in the flow of go of my glowing financial security today and every day.
Because I realized I am the magical wonderment in my life and in the cosmopolitan cosmos I choose to expand.
My wisdom energizing wealth innovation sapience declaring optimistic manifestations for myself and everybody in the world to win by listening communicating and suavely expressing profound.
Perspicuity in an acumen-eyes-zing acuity way today and every day as I relish my unlimited canonized flow of winning wisdom today and every day in a picture perfect way and in divine order now.

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