My Rabble-Rousing Zeal Opens My Galvanizing Appeal on Oct11 2011

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My Rabble-Rousing Zeal Opens My Galvanizing Appeal
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My rabble-rousing zeal opens my galvanizing appeal alertly mints my gallivanting glint energizing my imaginative cleverness illuminating my glaring genuineness lighting-up.
My oracle-eyes-zing wisdom televising my rainbow realness releasing my exalting salt unwinding my pristine sanguine animated love triumphantly coloring.
The universal vista with my heart’s kaleidoscope spirit light harmonizing enterprising affluence realizing my entrepreneurial flair authorizes me to play today and every day at my zillionaire fair letting soar.
My sunlit core décor showcasing the beaming brilliant rare affluence yessing my glistening listening intuitive naturalness igniting newborn genius exposing.
My galvanizing lively international savant nirvana tantalizing every day nuances invigorating neuro-linguistic genius unleashing the kapish of my liberating libretto lubricating the universal ethers.
With undaunted new-fangled inventions vigorously expanding real stout-hearted audaciousness letting go my I can gallantry un-jailing my jovial entrepreneur undo.
My wow to be in the flow of my go articulating my inspiring quantum quatrains broadcasting my brainy brilliance unbridling my dauntless debonair uniqueness freeing my maharishi mystique.
Real-eyes-zing I speak truth stalwart truth when I undoubtedly understand my rabble-rousing zeal opens my galvanizing appeal.
Catapulting canonizing rhymes chiming my prime time wise freeing my rip roaring daring innovative talent unbinding my inner salsa sapience to dance my prancing flashing.
My Broadway musical across the movie in my subliminal mind to chime the rhyme of sumptuous success in my sublime mind.
Opening the way to play for me to be the moneyed-up monarch I reveal in my internal prosperity movie I see feel touch smell taste my never-ending unlimited currency pour.
That flows to me today and every day from all sources of the universe because I choose to play today in the cosmopolitan cosmos.
To expand the wealth of the world as I energized my enterprising landscape to dance my way thru my daily escapades relishing the understanding I am worthy and undauntedly deserving.
To sashay with unlimited luxury in every facet of my life because I choose to love me more and more everyday.
Therefore I love everything and everybody more and more everyday in the right in a cherished under grace in a picture perfect way and in Divine Order now.
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