The Importance Of Clean Drinking Water for Florida Residents

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The Importance Of Clean Drinking Water for Florida Residents

By: Richard Abel, Clearwater Systems

Know what the most valued natural resource is in Florida? Water.

Living in Florida, you know that the state is adored by many because of its miles of sandy coastline, gorgeous weather, and friendly residents. You also know that clean drinking water is hard to come by.

Recently, the state legislature agreed to adjust the Florida Water Resources Act, which went into effect in 1972. The Act originally created six regional water management districts (in 1975, two merged, leaving five active districts). With the recent financial crisis hitting the United States, shrinking the five districts even further was the next move.

Although this change saves the state an abundance of money, 700 million dollars to be exact, the quality and safety of drinking water is compromised. Previously, water management districts were the key force behind Florida’s safe drinking water and protection against flooding disasters. There are obvious pros and cons to the government decision, with the cons leaving Florida residents very worried about how to obtain quality drinking water.

Clean water is essential for health purposes. And as we Florida residents know, a glass of water can be the best way to cool off during a hot and humid day and stay adequately hydrated.

So, how will Florida residents have access to clean drinking water? Through local water providers, such as Clearwater Systems, residents can have cost-effective water purification systems and water softeners installed, as well as 5-gallon water coolers delivered to their home or business on a regular basis.

We all deserve clean water – and if you live in the Northeast portion of Florida, specifically in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, MacClenny, or Starke, obtaining high-quality drinking water is simple.

While the changes associated with the water districts may cause a lower quality of water, with the help of Clearwater Systems and its ability to provide water service to Florida, this challenge will be a little less stressful.

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