My Intuitive Wise Opens My Innovative Eyes on Oct6 2011

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My Intuitive Wise Opens My Innovative Eyes
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My intuitive wise opens my innovative eyes to see the worldly plane as emblazing ambiance glorifying my peerless pluckiness televising my spirited gustiness to welcome my river of flowing gold
Because I choose to express my gratitude-of-my optimistic liveliness delighting the light of my heart harmonizing-my enterprising accomplishments tantalizing
My lithe innovation graciously hallowing tangy triumph applauding-my newborn grandiose inventions brilliantly livening-up earthly ethers with
My intuitive wise opening my innovative eyes energizing yesses expanding sapience to appreciate the pristine gleam of my plush luster of my splendid stateliness
To embellish the relishing of my fame and fortune fervently aggrandizing magnanimous energized astuteness naturalizing dauntless free-flowing optimism revolutionizing triumphant universal nirvana edifying my omnipotent intra-stellar significance
To unbind my spine to stand tall in the face of perverse adversity realizing I encompass the state of the art heartiness to persevere thru any situation unbridling my forthright fortitude unleashing
My adroit decree by listening to my core décor to walk with confidence speak with wisdom show my tangible talents sovereign-eyes my preeminent preeminence
To sashay in suave sassy way to show the people away to the promised land by utilizing as guide to glide into their lithe leadership omnipotence to taste their fame and fortune pie in the sky to fly high which is theirs by divine right
As I bountiful bound thru my day in an astounding way feeling free in my spiritual spree to celebrate my life of Riley today and every day in a rich profound way and in Divine Order
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