I Am a Spiritual Seer Expressing Astounding Acuity on Oct2 2011

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I Am a Spiritual Seer Expressing Astounding Acuity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am a spiritual seer expressing astounding acuity voicing the choices of my profound perspicuity to tell the world I have uncovered and discovered the fallacies of the fascists
That blind people’s eyes and binding there subconscious minds with their one-party rule diabolical mechanisms that inflamed the pain of why-me pity-me feel sorry for me drama
That society has been telling me since the beginning of time which is now moldy old crap wrapping the priggish gibberish lies of
What stealth control of the world has been telling the people of the world thru history implies the lie of his-tory tory is a robber being
The silent patrol of their egotistical haughtiness casting in the stone the subliminal messages the useless urchins sly dishonesties the put forth that they knew what was best for people of the ingrains the pain of
I am a victim of my childhood and duped by my life circumstances has me whining the would-da chewing the could-da and spewing the sh-t of the should-da opens my eyes to untie the lies of the corporate cloning unbinding
The medication of the education system and depolarizing the polarization of the know it all stall of societies two-facedness releases me from the pollution of the collusion frees
My rabble-rousing resolve to hear the smear of fear of the demeaning corporate media that tries to demise the wise of the people and the stymieing social order of today’s society as the way to live
As the elite try to delete and confiscate the wealth of the world obliterate innermost innovative prowess of the populace enflame the insane of the mundane
Because the deleted elite are tied to their lies of lack living in the dark dearth of their treed greed and pessimism of the controlling troll
So I now recognize my expanding energizing enterprising epiphanies by seeing the elite delete their spiritual seer unsheathes my superwoman/man star to fly sky high appreciating
My complete confidence in who I am to unleash my owlish oracle to engage my godlike pop exposing my imposing I told you so stalwart savant showcasing
My phenomenal oracle-eye-zing prodigies jazzing my genuine grandeur to courageously cognize that my challenges are simple to understand
I let go of the moldy old crap to rap with sassy sap of my Yahweh to expand brand new wisdom energizing newborn enterprising endeavors setting free my saintly significance to relish every day with vim and vigor as an infant
Innovatively naturalizing free-flowing affluence nurturing tantalizing gallant sovereignty in my heart temple soul spirit DNA cells senses and mind to embellish my intrepid intentions
Because my desired life loves me unshackling my challenges enter to my daily experiences in a picture perfect way to enhance the dance of my prancing parley unbridling my will to ride the tides of
My keen serene prayers revving-up my regal readiness to experience omnipotent peace ardently nurturing calming internal nirvana galvanizing pristine prophet
Flamboyantly flaunting my dauntless dawning heart in the right way and in a loving way verbalizing the vibrant veracity that
“I am an enterprising spiritual seer relishing my spiritual experience in the flow of the go of my get up & go in a bold I told you so way”
Opens the way for me to live in my Taj Mahal lavishing ravishing luxury singing to the world I am the super savant expressing genuine geniusness setting on
My throne of copious copiousness watching the sunrise my way understanding I win my game of life everyday as I watch the sunset my way
Because I choose to participate in daily life by listening communicating loving myself respecting others wisdom success loving people for who they are and the nuggets of wisdom
They expansively enrich my life with in a rich regal way today and every day in enlightened enlivening way
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