Much Needed Advice From THE Name in Social Media!

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Be First, Inc. Talks About Facebook

Much Needed Advice From THE Name in Social Media!

Our lives are on the internet.  Our businesses are on the internet.  The global economy is running on mobile apps., internet sites, blogs, events, discussions, etc., and now that the digital landscape has grown to astronomical proportions, the internet has officially become the main source of communication that any individual or business utilizes to sell their products and services.  From companies to artists – the internet is the one thing in this recession-wary world that that is generating revenue.

Many sites and companies claim they have a firm hold on the internet super-highway, but there is one company that actually DOES have the knowledge, track record and expertise to make sure that businesses, corporations, organizations, and artists get the ’traffic’ they need in order to increase their business.

Be First, Inc. has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the social media advertising group in the world today! Not to mention the professionalism, ethics, creativity, and hard-working individuals that make up Be First, Inc. will be a perfect match with you and your company’s needs.
Be First, Inc. is a company that lives up to its reputation as “the branding experts,” and each week we will be going over a major service, as well as providing much-needed advice from the wealth of information that Be First, Inc. provides. This week we are going to take a look at the world of Facebook.  When Facebook was actually accepted into the dictionary, the world knew this was going to be around for a good, long time.  It is certainly no fluke. Let’s face it, Facebook is THE place to build followings, sell products, get reviews, and bring every single aspect and goal that you have, to the global marketplace.  In fact, Facebook has become THE branding site for anyone and everyone – offering the ability for clients to meet up with people from all walks of life and find their target audience.

There is one thing that many people should remember, however.  More is needed than just a Facebook site or a Facebook Fan Page.  The more sites that you have to offer including, homepages, company pages, blogs, newspapers, etc. will allow you to have a much broader scope in getting your ‘voice’ into the marketplace.  Facebook will generate traffic to your organization, but there is so much more to rely on in the internet world.

Blogs are a predominant need for all companies. is an extraordinary service that allows you to focus, discuss, and make sure that all your updates, events, discussions etc. are seen by many – which can then be linked to your Facebook pages.  And with sites like WordPress, you control your material, whereas Facebook does have the option of ‘changing information’ on your page because they – quite frankly – own it.  And having a killer company site with a fantastic homepage is a MUST!

People should also understand that being able to have conversations in real-time is where Twitter comes in.  Your notes and communications to your readers happen in the blink of an eye on Twitter – with no approval, comments, etc. that need to be okayed the way they must be done in Facebook  In the end, Facebook is a stellar site that drives business and traffic to you and your company, but the work that you must put into Facebook is tremendous.  Posting at certain time during the day, knowing what to post, what to Tweet – this is an all-day event.  In fact, the only way to really keep up with everything is to have a company behind you.

That’s where Be First, Inc. comes in.  Having the ability to sit in front of a computer all day and Tweet, as well as add things to Facebook, online magazines, blogs, etc. is almost impossible.  However, having the right marketing company behind you who DO have the ability is a must!  Be First, Inc. finds your target audience and they have the unending ability to get your name, products, services and voice into all the realms of traditional print, radio broadcasts, internet websites, and more!  And the creative staff makes sure that everything is done right.

As a brief recap, we spoke a few weeks ago about the Ultimate Business Promotion Package. There are so many components involved in this service from Be First, Inc. that it is truly incredible.  The publicity is one-of-a-kind including, creative images, audios, videos, real-time links, news stories, announcements, and promotion on multiple websites – with complete and in-depth articles and features on Twitter and Facebook.  And, just to remind you,  the rundown of social media sites and the amount of people using these sites has grown exponentially, and Be First Inc., is the company that can use each and every one of these sites to benefit you.

Facebook now has 750 million active users; Twitter now has 200 million; and the global community now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites.  Using these amazing ‘gifts’ that are already a huge success across the globe, Be First, Inc. offers full social media portfolios.  They extend YOUR message to additional key demographic, geographic and behavioral sites – with over 67+ posts every day! Be First, Inc. brands YOUR message and guarantees consistency in all networks.  Being business focused, they capture a myriad of prospects, raise YOUR search rankings, and manage everything from YOUR reputation to YOUR solid integrity.

What Be First, Inc. can do for your company is…everything. The list of marketing and advertising programs that they offer to increase your bottom line and make you and your business known to the world’s marketplace is endless. Best of all? They want to help you!

As you can see, Facebook is a world that every company needs to utilize as much as possible – but when you are an artist building a career, or a businessman trying to increase revenue – you do not have time to use all the applications of Facebook.  And you do not have the time to take away from other aspects of your business in order to sit at a computer all day and build followers.  Be First Inc., is truly the only way to get everything accomplished that you need accomplished.

Stay tuned, because we will be covering everything in the marketing and advertising world over the next few months, offering advice and information on all areas of the internet from Twitter to the great digital beyond!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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