St. Augustine Granny Kills Her Nephew With .357 Magnum

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“A 96-year-old wheelchair-bound Florida woman went on a rampage, fatally shooting her nephew with a .357 Magnum, cops said.

St. Augustine police said they found Johnny Rice, 53, sprawled on the floor of his bedroom, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Amanda Rice Stevenson was arrested early Monday, hours after the attack, and charged with murder. She was being held Tuesday without bail.”

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This grandma has a beatific smile, and heavenly white hair, but don`t let that fool you, her heart is made of stone. This old witch has a rap sheet as long as her walking cane, she was arrested for arson in 1995, and she passed a bad check in 2007.

I`ve fired a .357 Magnum, and believe me you have to hold that sucker with both hands, because the kickback can knock you on your rear end. But firing such a powerful weapon was no problem for this elderly career criminal, she had no problem dispatching her nephew to never never land.

No good deed goes unpunished, the nephew and his wife invited the old lady to move in with them. While they were in such a hospitable mood, they might as well have also rented a room to Hot Sauce Mom.

What to do with this evil old woman? The State of Florida shouldn`t waste hundreds of thousands on a trial, when the old lady may only live for a few more months. I say frisk the old bat to make sure she`s not packing heat, and ditch her in a 3rd rate convalescent home.

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