Can Rick Perry Recover From Crushing Florida Straw Poll Defeat?

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“From the bottom of the polls to the top of the pack, businessman Herman Cain won a surprise victory at the Republican Party of Florida`s nationally watched presidential straw poll Saturday in a sign that frontrunner Rick Perry is in deep trouble.

Cain`s landslide victory, with 37 percent of the vote, exceeded the combined total for Perry and Mitt Romney, who only garnered 15 percent and 14 percent, respectively”


It could be argued that a non-binding straw poll is meaningless, but the results of this poll are devastating for Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Mitt Romney`s name appeared on the ballot, but he basically shunned the event, but Perry expended a lot of money and energy wooing the 3,000 delegates. Perry was crushed by a candidate with a meager war chest and low name recognition. I hope Herman Cain enjoys his moment in the spotlight, pigs will fly and fancy French restaurants will serve pizza before he becomes President of the United States.

Perry`s humiliating defeat comes after a series of awful debate appearances. Perry is no longer seen as the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan, but as a Dan Quayle clone.

The other big loser last night was Rep. Michele Bachmann, she received about 1 percent of the vote, she`s toast. The aura of her Ames straw poll victory has completely dissipated, and she`s nothing but a sideshow.

The pressure on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the presidential race is bound to increase. If Christie joins the presidential fray he will quickly become the flavor of the month, but too much of Christie leaves a sour taste.

Can`t the Republicans find a candidate who can beat a battered, defeated and humiliated Barack Obama?

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