Port St.Lucie Man Arrested For Throwing Chicken Wing At His Girlfriend

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“Police in Florida said they arrested a man accused of going to the apartment of his baby`s mother and throwing a chicken wing at her.

Port St. Lucie police said the baby`s mother told officers Courtney Cain, 23, started banging on her door Monday and eventually opened the unlocked door himself, TCPalm.com reported Friday.”


Chicken wings, a baby daddy, a run-down apartment building — Courtney and his girlfriend should kiss and make, grab a bucket of chicken wings, and audition for the Jerry Springer show.

Courtney is probably mad at the world because he has a girl`s name. It`s a good thing he wasn`t munching on a leg of lamb, he could have seriously hurt his lover.

Courtney admitted that he had eaten chicken wings earlier in the day, but he denied hurling a chicken wing at his baby`s mother.

The baby daddy wasn`t trying to hurt his old lady, she suffered only a scratch on her arm. The baby daddy doesn`t need to do spend time behind bars, and the couple doesn`t need the help of Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil. I have a feeling that they can resolve their differences munching on chicken wings at KFC.

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