Vision of the Day 09.22.11

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My Sassy Pizazz Unleashes My Superstar Avatar

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

My sassy pizazz unleashes my superstar avatar freeing the sanguine me to be the audacious visionary adventurer tenaciously actual-eyes my real savvy self-starter appeal
I put forth when I look in the mirror of my life because I radiantly buzz with bold undaunted zillionaire zeal with a peerless prophesizing understanding
The wise wonderful people and purposeful events I encounter in daily escapades catapult my exalting light of wisdom delighting
My heart to electrify x-citing ardent love televising imaginative newborn genius engaging my inner most sage to real-eyes
A clear parvenu dawning of debonair discernment expanding dauntless omnipotence naturalizing affluence influentially revolutionizing pure pristine prosperity in the cosmos
Opening the way for my Yahweh to free my spiritual prowess rapturously energizing everybody’s enterprising euphoria lighting up their white light innovation skywriting
Their lightning bolt wisdom in the hallowed heavens authorizing them to soar like a superstar avatar to experience their sassy success in a millionaire megastar way
I as embellish my universal utopia relishing my rainbows bountiful billionaire bliss to revel in real appeal of love innovation freedom enjoying every second of every day in a pure clear winning way

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