Vision of the Day 09/15/11 on Sep15 2011

by Robert Wilson | Print the article |

My premier seer unleashes my keen sanguine sapience unbinds my mind freeing my spiritual spree to unleash my piquant pioneer Picasso to paint

The heavens with ravishing robust rainbows of sassy sexy prosperity colors unlocking my Viking visions to glide on my genuine love idyllically dawning enterprising endeavors

To feel the emotional thrill of the robust roller coaster life presents unshackling my daredevil drive to ride the roller coaster with bull rider skill showing the world

When let go of the know all stall I soar with eagles energizing acumen-eyes-zing galvanizing love expanding my sand to understand I canonize the atmosphere W

With robust revolutionizing brilliance unleashing superstar talisman ethereal oomph to experience my life of Riley in a tantalizing talisman way with divine order galvanizing gusto

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