WD 40 on Sep13 2011

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WD 40

How is the “money game” – the weapon of mass delusion in your inner dialog, body language, and physical verbiage – turning your life into a pathetic prank you play on yourself? Your outlook about your life has rusted into a ‘crack of lack’ eating away at your white light innovation…freezing your mind. Your outlook on life has placed you in a cell; you are living the way you have been told by a system of mind control.  This powerful control is brought on by the world around us; the way the news, images, and actions keep the populace in ‘corporate fascism’ and keep you living in the mundane way we have been taught all of our lives. How do you allow money to freeze your innovative white light?

The worn out stinking thinking business world comes first, rather than people – US – being first.  Business should simply be a by-product of people having the free money to spend from their way of canonizing their cascading cash-flow. WD 40 eats away the rust that is stopping you from finding, creating, and increasing your white light innovation.  WD 40 allows your lightning bolt of wisdom to be set free and brings to life your sharp-witted cleverness.

You can release into ‘shark attack action’ mode by unbinding your subliminal mind to expand to understand that you can encompass the gunfighter-will to bust the rust being ingrained in the pain of the money game. How will you engage your gunfighter-will to shoot your WD 40 bullets busting the rust in your attachment to the infinite money game?  How is WD 40 and expanding your life, one and the same? WD 40 is penetrating oil that eats away rust so you can loosen all those old rusty bolts, and being attached to money is like a rusty bolt with a square nut on horse drawn equipment. How are you addicted to the money game?

Money is energy and exchange for ideas and services.  However, the people of the world feel money is the outcome instead of just one of the many rewards for services rendered to expand the world into a pristine serene experience. How are you attached to the money game?

I honored my own experience of expanding through the money game. In this world everything is about money instead of the quality of life. People are jealous of their neighbors with money, mainly because they don’t understand that they, too, encompass the same wisdom that wealthy people do. The difference between wealthy individuals and poverty conscious is:

I)         Wealthy people unleash their gunfighter-will to win by unlocking their wisdom innovation naturally, escalating their prosperity judiciousness.

II)        Wealthy people are too hardheaded to understand defeat, the concept of quitting, or failure, and they live with their eyes wide open to embellish their highest pathway.

III)      Wealthy people are too stubborn to even give a thought to being beaten by unleashing their dauntless daring utopian wit.

IV)      Wealthy people didn’t ever care what society said, or what other people thought of them.

V)        Wealthy people didn’t listen to the ‘naysayers’ in their life.

VI)      The wealthy envision their wealth with a red-hot burning desire.

VII)     Wealthy people understand when to say no without explaining it to anyone.

VIII)   Wealthy people keep on trucking when the going gets tough, because they unleash triumphant undaunted fervent fury to expand their wisdom, and energize their enterprising genius to feel the experience of sassy sexy success.  Thus, they sail away on their oceans wealth on their own personal cruise ship, drinking the fine wines of life with galvanizing gusto.

IX)      Wealthy people understand that wealth is wisdom energizing acumen loving today, harmonizing the universal vista with their inspired desires to surf their seas of success.

X)        Wealthy people energize their inner emotional courage to engage their inner sage, to expand their wisdom freeing the spree of the enterprising decree. To ‘walk their talk’ as canonizing their ever cascading cash flow, watching their prosperity accounts ringing the swelling bell of the bountiful, experiencing lavish luxury in a debonair, cool way.

Poverty consciousness, and ingrained pain of the money game, is tied to all the power mongering in the world; the stealth powerful feel all wealth is theirs, while the poverty conscious feel there isn’t any for them. You can bundle together all the dictators of the world, war on terror, the inner city challenges, and all the debt to poverty consciousness created by the ties of the ingrained pain of the money game. Lack of money is the stink of the over-think from history, creating the core of our prosperity thinking. How are you stuck in the muck of the money game?

People feel money gives them power and respect

Life is about money.  It is about engaging in your daily life to expand your wisdom to intertwine with the people you encounter. I once made decisions based on money, now I have a new way of looking at life. I listen to my ‘core wit’ to energize my enterprising energies, to engage my emotional wisdom, to authorize myself to correlate choices from all vibrant facilities. How will you feel when you correlate your choices rather than make decisions?

You correlate choices from your intuition, listening to your journey with an openness to energize your enterprising visionary, emotional acumen, your inner wisdom, physical activities and interpretations. How do you make decisions over your attachment to the lack of money, or the surplus of money you may have?

This world is so ingrained with money as a way of life that it consumes us, rather than allowing us to enjoy the adventures that money offers – and enjoy them in a bountiful Boardwalk Way.  It seems with everything people do, they always ingrain the pain of money or the how they can scheme money from somebody else.

Money is deeply embedded as the way to happiness, prosperity, and solving all problems.

This statement is the stink of the over-think causing us to live a lie which we put upon ourselves.

How do you allow money to consume you?

When you allow money to be your focus you maintain the mundane living, the insane of the same creating havoc in your psyche. I really was attached to the money game but I expanded out through and into a parvenu paradigm. Now I am astutely reveling in an emblazing epiphany. I really feel free in my inner spree.

I boldly and brazenly unleash my ‘kapish’ of my savant percipience revolution-eyes-zing enterprising energies to life with galvanizing gusto. Unlocking my genuine undaunted sapience tantalizing omniscient   To expand my sand, to understand canonizing my abilities to trust me in every situation, because I now see the universal vista.

As a truss of white light I walk in, trusting my abilities to listen and communicate my way through every situation I encounter. How will canonizing your trust in your abilities expand your life?

Three Questions:

How am I rusted into the money game?

How do I talk about the lack of money all the time?

How will I experience my red hot burning desires?

Three Affirmations:

I am in the flow of the go of my white light innovation, unleashing my lightning bolt wisdom to free my canonizing cash-flow today and every day in a picture perfect way.

I beam the gleam of serene pristine prosperity because I engaged my inner sage, and dance the flash dance of sassy sapience in an enlightened and brightened way.

I am free of the money game to experience my placing my star on my walk of fame in a lavish luxurious way.




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