Wasserman-Schultz’s New Hypocritical Tone of Civility

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Once again, Debbie takes evasive action to keep from answering tough questions regarding her support for President Obama’s liberal and anti-American policies. Earlier today, Debbie made an apperance on Fox News (VIDEO) and refused to give her position on the coments made by Jimmy Hoffa Jr. during a Teamsters rally. During the rally Hoffa Jr, said,” Let’s take these Son of a Bitches out”, clearly calling for violence towards the Tea Party movement, yet Debbie refused to direct any comment to his statement, let alone denounce it.

With her silence on the matter, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is telling the American people that she condones this type of violent behavior and rhetoric-this is who she is.

Please support my campaign to defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her supporters who condone this type of un-American behavior.
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One Response to Wasserman-Schultz’s New Hypocritical Tone of Civility

  1. Rob

    She’s horrific, literally and figuratively.

    …and it goes without saying, her sanctimonious arrogance is a huge part of the problem in DC nowadays.
    Even progressive friends of mine can’t stomach her.

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