Judyth Piazza Creator of TheSOP Radio Network Now to Emerge as an Author

Her listeners on TheSOP Radio Network know journalist and radio host Judyth Piazza for the sweetness of her voice and the appeal of her inspiring work and the successful people that she features on her radio show, The American Perspective. Now, Judyth is getting close to the release of her first book, expected to be out by end of June this year.

Judyth Piazza is currently the CEO and managing editor of theSOP.org, which started as an essentially student-operated press, publishing news, views, article, reviews, interviews, and a wide range of articles from writers around the world. The special feature of the site is, but of course, Judyth’s online radio show The American Perspective where she talks to guests from all walks of life, featuring the significant work they have been doing in their respective fields. To date, Judyth has done over 4000 interviews on the show, and the count is on as the show gets ever more popular with time.

Judyth’s book will include select items from her years of work in media, like her interviews with her guests on The American Perspective, along with the healthy activities in her own life such as her exercise and fitness routine. Currently, the title of the book is a tightly kept secret and rumor has it that it is going to be a sample from Judyth’s exciting life and career, including testimonials and quotes about her achievements. The book will be published by Von Chase Publishing with a foreword written by the publisher, Chase Von.

In her recent interview published on Digital Journal while discussing TheSOP Radio Network, Judyth explained the significance of online media in showing the alternative side of the world, and life, to an audience that is otherwise politically bombarded by biased media sources. Her fans will be looking forward to welcoming Judyth Piazza with open arms into the world of publishing as a messenger of objectivity and clear vision. For Judyth, every venture is a fresh turn in life. And her debutant book is the next one to enjoy.

About the Writer: Ernest Dempsey is an author, freelance writer, digital journalist, and editor. He edits the quarterly Recovering the Self – a journal of hope and healing published by the Loving Healing Press in Michigan.

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