Los Angeles Based P.A. Bootcamp To Visit St. Augustine

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Los Angeles based P.A. Bootcamp is conducting a two day session in St. Augustine on Feb. 26-27. P.A. Bootcamp is a real-world training program for Set and Office Production Assistant work in film/tv.

Taught by industry pros, we cover everything required to step on any film set with confidence and succeed from day-one. Visit our website www.pabootcamp.com to sign up, or call (818) 386-1228.

The PA BOOTCAMP program was designed by a team of Production Assistants, Assistant Directors, Production Coordinators, Production Managers and Producers. Every instructor has many years of experience in all aspects of physical production and all instructors are currently working in the industry

Most camp sessions are visited by professional “Guest Instructors” that range from top producers and AD’s to fellow Production Assistants with a story to tell. Each offers a unique perspective and experience to inspire the campers.

Included in our program:

* Making the film, from prep to wrap
* All production paperwork
* Production terminology
* Hands on radio training
* Set protocol, i.e. “do’s and don’ts”
* How the A.D. team functions
* Other crew departments function and interaction
* Gear and supplies
* The Office PA
* Preparing your resume
* Where to find a job

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