Local Teen Releases Inspirational Book on Jan7 2011

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On December 5, 2004, thirteen year old Isiah Grayer, Jr. battled for his life in Shands-Jacksonville after he and his older twin brothers were deliberately run down in St. Augustine, by the driver of an SUV.

A 2010 graduate of St. Augustine High School and a freshman at St. John’s River State College, Isiah is the author of a book titled MIRACLE BOY, which can be purchased by visiting www.miracleboybook.com or visiting www.Booklocker.com. The 55 page memoir is also available through Amazon.com, BN.com, and will be ready for Kindle and Nook releases shortly. An excerpt is available at the Booklocker website.

MIRACLE BOY was published and released just before Christmas. Ghostwritten by local author Nancy Quatrano, the book includes stories and photos of Isiah’s journey to reclaim his ability to walk, speak, and reason, but it is not about his attacker.

He tells his story of recovery to teach forgiveness, love, faith, family, hope, and dreams. He’s dedicated to showing people that they can be more than they imagine if they’ll only believe. The discussion guide in the book is geared toward family, church, or school groups.

Isiah is very grateful for the support of residents and businesses in St. Augustine who helped his family through very hard months, and he devoted a chapter to saying “thank you.” Generosity and support of friends and strangers alike helped his family with Christmas and the expenses connected with his extended hospitalization and rehabilitation.

For more information, contact nancy@ontargetwords.com or Isiah at ike10191@hotmail.com.

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