Guide to Getting an Online Animation Degree on Oct28 2010

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Today, various institutions all over the globe are offering online animation degree courses. The degree courses are made in such a way that is completely self-paced without compromising quality. These online courses are really helpful for those who cannot attend regular classes. Animation programs have now become very popular and this course is ideal for those who have creative vision in arts and illustrations. The animation studies focuses on two categories: 2D and 3D.

An individual has a variety of options in these online programs such as a specialized course in animation. The specialized courses include rotoscoping, Photoshop animation, stop-motion animation, clay motion, game design, character design and other different styles.

Online Degree Requirements

The requirements for online courses always differ with the universities and nature of the courses. Normally, some of the common requirements are a high school diploma for an online associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in animation for a master’s degree. The students who wish to apply for a doctoral degree should hold a master’s degree in animation. Besides these basic requirements, a person who wishes to pursue more in animation should have the flair for creative sketches.

Online Programs

There are various online diplomas as well as degree programs offered by several institutions. Some of the major programs include certificate courses in animation and multimedia, diploma courses in animation and multimedia, degree courses in animation and multimedia, degree courses in computer animation, doctoral degree courses in animation and multimedia, and digital design or degree courses in visual communication.

After successfully completing any of the courses, an individual can get several jobs in web developing companies, animation houses, film production areas, software development, and advertising agencies.

There are large numbers of recognized universities around the world that offer online courses. Students can join their program and get sufficient study materials and can even participate in their digital forum to get more ideas.

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