Getting Comfortable Florida Style on Oct27 2010

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Often times, visitors from the north who are planning their first trip to Florida are confused by what kind of clothing to pack. They just assume that all they will need is a bathing suit, a towel, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and they will be okay. Oh, and also, a pair of sandals to wear for going out for dinner. They are very surprised when some one suggests that they bring a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. They may even out right laugh.

The Florida native may sometimes feel like not wearing clothing when it becomes so humid during the summer months. No matter the season, however, the temperature takes a good dip in the evening, especially when you are frequenting an air conditioned establishment. This is the time to celebrate remembering the sweater. Of course, it is still necessary to buy the sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses for the trips out and to the beach. Light colored cotton clothes are a good idea for the theme parks. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable and avoid any blisters while on vacation.

If the visit will be in the summer, a small umbrella to protect from the afternoon sun would be a great addition. Also, it most likely will rain at some point during the day, so a plastic rain poncho that can be folded or even disposable after using will save the day especially when visiting a theme park for the day. Sometimes they have those individual battery operated fans at the local drug store that can be worn around the neck to help keep you cool. Fabrics that dry quickly and are breathable are a good choice for the humidity.

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