St. Augustine Fort Gets Land Donation on Sep30 2010

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Every once in a while it is a good idea to find out what a state government can do for the local city and community as a whole. One of the things that many are happy about is the recent announcement that the state of Florida will donate land for an important St. Augustine center to be built in the historic Castillo de San Marcos.

It was announced that Governor Charlie Crist as well as the entire Florida cabinet have agreed that land that is located across the street from the Castillo de San Marcos historic landmark should be donated to the National Park Service. The park service will use the land as part of the development of a visitor’s center at the site.

A panel was formed and approved the donation of more than a quarter of an acre of land that the state labels as surplus state land. United States Representative John Mica, a Republican from Winter Park, placed a personal appeal to the panel to offer the land to the visitor’s center.

In addition to providing the center with the land, Mica also urged that the panel remove a reverter clause from within the deal. There is a federal law that requires federal title to the land without deed restrictions.

What Is Castillo de San Marcos?

For those that may not remember, Castillo de San Marcos is a location in St. Augustine that is a fort. Spanish settlers in the region built the fort some 340 years ago. It is still open today and each year, more than a million people tour the facility because of its part in the founding of the city and the region. Go ahead, update your auto insurance and take a short trip over to see the fort. Even before the visitor’s center is constructed, it is worth the visit.

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