Red Couch Chronicles: New Marketing Videos Available for Your Viewing Pleasure on Aug13 2010

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As many of you know, we have launched a new advertising campaign with a red couch as its centerpiece. The red couch symbolizes a place where people tell stories — stories about Florida’s Historic Coast and the great vacation opportunities found here. As part of the campaign, we created videos featuring the red couch at various locations. The results were…well, rather than me tell you about it, I think it would be best if you took a look for yourself. Just go to our homepage and check out the new video player. You can watch the latest installments in the Red Couch Chronicles, as well as other videos about the destination.

Even better, why not go to our YouTube Channel? You can watch the Red Couch Chronicles in a larger format by simply going to the Uploads section at the top of the right column and clicking on “see all”. You’ll also find other new videos including an exceptional video produced by the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Of course, you can easily subscribe to our channel and be among the first to know when new videos are added. All you need is a free YouTube or Google account to be included.

I hope you enjoy the Red Couch Chronicles. The videos are high-quality, the acting is tremendous and the stories are fun and engaging. Best of all, they show just how beautiful and entertaining a visit to Florida’s Historic Coast can be and prove beyond any doubt that “Our History is Not the Same Old Story.”

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