Fescue Grass Makes Sense on Jun22 2010

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Fescue grass is one of the most highly exported and used grasses in the entire world. It originates from Europe but is seen in the United States as well as other countries. Its seeds are sold in stores all over the United States. Fescue grass comes in various different species types. There is hard fescue, chewing fescue, and creeping red, among others.

Fescue grass is popular for a number of reasons. The first thing about fescue grass is it is considered drought proof. This is really important in farm land. Cattle need grass to eat when grazing, it is what makes them a healthy weight for the farmer to use or sell later. When a drought hits the area, fescue grass doesn’t die out. It can last in temperatures that are considered too hot for some grass and can last when it is considered too cold for other grasses. It becomes an important resource for farmers and others who depend on the durability of their grass.

Another reason farmers may enjoy fescue grass is that it is able to grow without anyone needing to mow it. Mowing grass not only allows for a better physical appearance to a lawn but also to help certain types of grass grow. Fescue grass grows without any assistance from mowing. This is better for farmers who need taller grass for grazing. They can allow it to grow without needing to monitor it.

What’s exciting is there are new advancements in the world of fescue grass happening every day. They are developing a heavy traffic fescue grass as well as those taller grasses that will allow for even less mowing than previously needed. While there seems to be no limit to the amount of grass types there are out there, it would appear that in a place with changing climates, nothing is better than fescue grass.

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