8-year old Dylan Owens Wins Grand Prize on Jun14 2010

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Imagine Dylan Owens, an 8-year old Jacksonville boy, combining the following recycled items to win the national creative design contest hosted by Woody’s Bar-B-Q®:

Body: Beach Bottle
Arms: Plastic Juice Jugs
Hands: Toilet Paper Rolls
Legs: Soda Cans
Face: Plastic Fruit Bowl
Ears: Cardboard from Crescent Roll containers
Eyes: Water bottle caps
Nose/Mouth Plastic TO-GO BBQ sauce containers
Skin: Construction Paper

The contest invited children to make a pig out of recycled materials and bring their pig into a neighborhood Woody’s. With a laptop computer and $50 Q-Card as the Grand Prize, Owens’ pink pig ran away with First Place.

Dylan’s mother, Donna Haas, remembers her childhood walking to the first and original Woody’s on Atlantic and University Avenue during summer break. Dylan has his own story on how he decided to try his hand at creating a pig. “I think my pig is very cute. I got the idea when we went to Woody’s one day and I really wanted to do it so I took a picture of the pig on the website. That’s how I want my pig to look – so we started collecting recycled stuff until we had all of the parts to make my pig. My mom helped me and it took two whole days. It was so awesome making my own pig and my Mom thinks it’s cool and cute.”

A diligent young boy whose family adopted a road (Bartram Road) in honor of his grandfather Donald J. Haas, Dylan’s dedicated to cleaning it each month to keep Jacksonville beautiful. Additionally, he’s an all-star baseball outfielder with the San Jose All Stars. Dylan Owens looks like he’s going to be doing some great things in his future. “I’m not shy so I could even go on TV and talk about my winning pig.”

With 40+ locations in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia South and North Carolina, Woody’s Bar-B-Q® has become a legendary family-owned Southern dining treasure recognized for its smokin’ family-friendly restaurant, full-service catered events, traditional slow-smoked meats and secret recipe Bar-B-Q sauces. One of the fastest growing restaurant franchises in the nation, Woody and Yolanda have always given generously to support community projects and fundraisers throughout the chain’s network.

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