Under 30 and Hispanic: ID Please!

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I am Will Roberts and when in Arizona I don`t leave home without this! If I did…

I might be stopped and arrested.

Then again, I don`t meet the profile. 

Our President said we won`t do it at our airports any longer, but Mc Cain said “we will do it in my state!” 

One day: welcome to starbucked Sir..  I will need to see your Drivers license, your green card, your credit score, and 3 references and could you tell me the name of the 8th President of these United States, without googling it on your phone! …. 

Will Roberts: hmm, I don`t even know that one. 

Sometimes it is odd to me that they make folks that want to become US citizens know more about America than 20 Americans know all together. 

I think the only thing Americans really need to know is: Who is our President and Vice President are right now? And do you consider him your President? If not do you have another country you would like to move to? That is all you need to remember.


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