Protect Pets from Spring Bugs on Apr25 2010

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People with seasonal allergies and pollen asthma problems have a difficult time in spring. While there is no argument that spring is one of the most beautiful seasons, the pollens floating around in the air, the flying bugs and the creepy crawlies can make a serious mess of your life.

Your pet suffers too, in spring. Especially if it’s a cloistered, pampered pet that has never had a difficult time in life thanks to your care and attention, it will have a tough time developing immunity to all the bug bites, pets and germs that come to life with the flowers of spring.

When you take your dog to the park or outside somewhere, make sure to keep it away from pest infested pets. Especially harmful are lice and ticks. There are many varieties of ticks, like the American tick and others, which can be painful for your cute little pet. Use Frontline Plus or some other medicine to protect your pets from the pests.

Regularly groom your pet, either at home, or take it to a professional pet groomer. If you are grooming the pet at home, make sure to de-lice the pet regularly, use medicines for ticks and other bugs, and clean the fur, as well as you can, to make sure your pet is squeaky clean. A professional groomer will, of course, handle everything for you.

Also make sure to keep your house generally free of bugs. Keep your pet’s living area clean, use pesticides that don’t harm animals if you have to. Pets generally have a habit of eating anything that moves or crawls around, so make sure your house doesn’t have worms and such.

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