Baby Shower Favors: Making the Party Perfect on Apr1 2010

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Planning the perfect baby shower and pulling it off is a tough act. Despite all the hassles that come with it, a baby shower can be a wonderful time with friends and family that leaves behind many happy memories. However your job doesn’t end when the last guest leaves.

Since the primary purpose of the shower was to get together and prepare the mother-to-be for the brand new phase ahead, you’re bound to have a room full of gifts for the baby. That makes it all the more imperative to thank your guests, and there’s no better way to do this than a personalized note.

The note itself doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. A brief, handwritten note on decorative notepaper is more than sufficient. Be sure to mention your guest’s name and specifically thank them for the gift, which should be named too. In case you’re not sure of how you’re going to phrase your note, there are a number of guides and templates online that you can take a hint from. Another pleasing and personalized touch would be a baby shower favor.

Edible gifts like honey jars, cookie boxes and chocolates top the list of popular baby shower favors. Getting these done at a local store will also allow you to personalize each case with the recipient’s name. Candle votives in baby themes are another attractive option. Seed packets are a great way of getting friends to exercise their green thumb. Little pastel notebooks are handy and cute gifts.

With a little planning, you can ensure that your baby shower is memorable not just for you, but also for everybody who attended. The right favor can become a beautiful keepsake that’s always cherished.

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