Country Singer-Songwriter, Austin Lucas Heads to St. Augustine on Feb11 2010

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3/12/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL
3/13/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL
3/14/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL

Bloomington, IN-based alt. country singer-songwriter Austin Lucas is hitting the road in support of his latest full-length, “Somebody Loves You” (Suburban Home Records). An eleven-track collection of true confessionals, cathartic wisdom, and heartbreak at the end of the tunnel, Lucas lives and breathes his music, as will the listener.

With the heart of a lion and the insight of a road warrior that has toured not only this nation countless times, but several other continents and countries, Lucas delivers his songs with momentum and vigor, making sure every word – and melody – counts and isn’t lost on the listener.


2/24/10 – High Dive – Seattle, WA
2/28/10 – Hawthorne Bar – Portland, OR
3/04/10 – Static Age Records – Asheville, NC
3/11/10 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL
3/12/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL
3/13/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL
3/14/10 – Harvest Of Hope Festival @ St. Augustine Fairgrounds – St. Augustine, FL
3/23/10 – White Water Tavern – Little Rock, AR

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, AUSTIN LUCAS was taught how to sing by his musician father Robert Lucas before he could even speak. At home or in the car, his family would sing and make music, traveling during the summer months to folk, bluegrass, and old-time music festivals where his father would perform every year.

As Austin became old enough to attend school, he also attended the Indiana University Children’s Choir to hone his gift of singing. In spite of working under the program for 6 years ­ performing in 3 operas and dozens of classical choral pieces ­ he never learned to love or appreciate his studies until much later in his life.

At 12, Austin removed himself from the choir in search of louder and faster music, and it was in the punk and hardcore scene where Austin found himself and has remained for the last 16 years. Having played in crust and grind bands such as RUNE and TWENTYTHIRD CHAPTER, as well as technical punk outfit K10 PROSPECT, Austin had called Praha, Czech Republic home splitting his time touring solo and playing guitar in the Orc-core Crust band GUIDED CRADLE. However, as many will infinitely attest, it is truly Austin’s skillful and soulful homage to his country and bluegrass roots that leave all listening audiences haunted with a stirring sense of amazement.

Austin released “Putting The Hammer Down” on Magic Bullet Records, his second album. On it, you’ll find 8 songs harkening the rich heritage and tradition of great American country and folk music past, rounded out by the strong DIY ethic and punk progressiveness that played a large part in shaping Austin over the years. In the end, you’re left with an album that reaches across generational and genre lines in a way that few artists could ever dream of or hope for.

Koos Gijsman of Heaven Magazine said of “Putting the Hammer Down,” The carefully cultivated crust of our society is blown to smithers with the stroke of a sledge hammer. Like an Americana punk variation on Kafka alienation and general collapse of modern mankind are put into strong lyrics, and all of this in a voice that tears open the earth. Between the opening chorus My breath is a hammer/ My insides are taxed like an anvil/ My heartbeat’s a tremor/ And I have not love but for nicotine and the closing verse I was cursing the flaws of my ignorance and youth a textual and musical zenith in light music unfolds in our still so young century. Austin Lucas recently collaborated with Chuck Ragan on the incredible album, “Bristle Ridge”. Austin said of the recording, As most folks know this is a collaboration between myself and chuck ragan but really it was such a combined effort from both of us as well as my father bob, jon gaunt and digger barnes.. I think everyone put in 150% and it really shows on the performances in the songs, especially my dad who was the engineer as well as sometime musical director and full time band member. We are all so very proud of this record and I hope that when you folks finally get a chance to listen to it you will be able to hear how much love and respect and fun went into the creation of it.


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