Local Jacksonville Favorite is Expanding Operations Despite Current Economic Condition on Dec31 2009

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Jacksonville, FL. – For over 40 years, Orange Tree Hot Dogs has been a mainstay restaurant in the Jacksonville area and a favorite quick serve eatery for many Jacksonville natives. The restaurant has managed to not only stay in business, but expand in a shrinking economy because of their reputation for a clean, inexpensive, efficient, great quality, family environment that has continued after all these years. Between 2007 and 2008, Orange Tree Hot Dogs has opened 9 new locations in the Jacksonville area, and plans on opening 5 new locations per year. The newest location is opening in Gainesville in January of 2010, with more stores in St. John’s County and Atlanta on the way.

One of the ways Orange Tree has been able to survive and thrive is by adapting to the ebb and flow of the economy. Orange Tree has always offered a quality meal at a low cost to customers, but during tougher economic times they offer even more value. Conscious to family budgets, Orange Tree provides discounted items, meal specials and coupons so the customer can still enjoy a meal out without hurting their wallet.

For Orange Tree Hot Dogs, it’s all about the toppings. They’ve made their dogs unique with a variety of topping combinations, including the Slaw Dog, Slaw & Onion Sauce and Chili Cheese Dog. The cole slaw, onion sauce (onions cooked in a spicy tomato blend) and Orange Frost beverage have become legendary favorites and are still made using the original recipes. Their six custom toppings – that can’t be found anywhere else – is the main reason Orange Tree Hot Dogs sells over 1 million hot dogs per year.

Originally founded by Peter Koppenburger and his wife Carolyn, the restaurant has always been a family business. Today it is owned and operated by the Koppenburger’s daughter and son-in-law, Ann and Frank Roeber, and by their granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Amy and Shawn Emling. Orange Tree’s management is now focusing its efforts on expansion via franchising and has been successful in doing so.

Orange Tree Hot Dogswas established in 1968 and is one of the original tenants of the Regency Square Mall. The franchise now has 11 locations in the Jacksonville area and is currently expanding. The business model is founded on providing a great quality, inexpensive food in a fun, family environment. For more information, visit www.orangetreehotdogs.com

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  1. Franchise Business Opportunities | Local Jacksonville Favorite Is Expanding Operations Despite Current Economic Condition

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