Woman Assaults Disabled Lover With Raw Steak on Dec10 2009

by Robert Paul Reyes | Print the article |

“A central Florida woman allegedly slapped the taste out of the mouth of her boyfriend with a steak because he didn’t want to taste her buns, police claim.
Elsie Egan, 53, was arrested late Tuesday night and charged with abuse of a disabled adult. The unnamed victim told police Egan repeatedly hit him with the uncooked steak and slapped his face because he refused to eat a piece of sliced bread. The man said he didn’t eat the bread because he wanted a dinner roll.”
I hope the guy saved the raw steak, he can put in on his face to help heal his wounds.
Elsie Egan, god bless her wicked soul, is one of the ugliest woman in the world. If I told the witch I wanted a piece of fried chicken, and she gave me a moldy piece of bread, I would eat it without a word of complaint.
The woman denies hitting her boyfriend with the raw steak, but she did admit to slapping him to “teach him a lesson.” What lesson was she trying to teach him? Next time you ask for a dinner roll, and I give you a piece of Styrofoam, you’d better pretend it’s bread and put butter on it, and eat it with a smile of gratitude on your face?
There’s really nothing humorous about hitting a disabled man, I hope Egan spends at least a few weeks in jail.
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  1. 1 Nikki on December 14, 2009 2:30 am

    How this written makes it absolutely hilarious.
    Definitely caught my attention. :)

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