The Launch of the ‘All Vinyl Show!’

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Exploring the Landscape of Vinyl Music with “Plasticity” (Click Here to Listen)

From the oak-shaded town of St. Augustine comes music that equals its town of inspiration in style and antiquity. Spotlighting international power acts, lesser known underground artists, and locals alike, Plasticity has no walls to contain it – except format. Plasticity is dedicated to the vinyl record format – an output that is both unique and tangible.

Name of show: Plasticity

Hosts: Scott Bufis, Dylan Pembleton, Amadeus Hill

Show: Plasticity brings and broadcasts music that transcends genres and breaks the formulaic mold that commercial radio shows fall into straight from the warm, fuzzy format of the vinyl record.


Original record sleeve collage by Matthew Salazar

1. The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll
2. The Beatles – She Said She Said
3. Bob Dylan – Tonight I`ll Be Staying Here with You
4. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – Wooden Ships
5. Pink Floyd – Sheep
6. Frank Zappa and The Mothers – Dirty Love

The Next Show Will Feature:

7. The Clash – Ghetto Defendant
8. The Specials – Stereotype
9. The Ska-Flames – Bredda
10. Jimmy Cliff – Hypocrites
11. J Dilla – Love
12. DJ Shadow – Six Days
13. Aesop Rock – Daylight
14. Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson – A Toast to the People

Plasticity is brought to you by The SOP Radio Network. For more info. email

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  1. Rich

    I love the music! But what’s up with the collage? It does not go with the format. I do love the music…..

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