Determinator on May22 2009

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ORMOND BEACH – Yesterday I was in a group meeting that devolved into accusations of “big corporations” as perpetrators of injustice around the world.  AIG, Wal-Mart, bottled water companies were offered up.  These accusations of course were from folks who really do not understand, for whatever reasons, how “good” American businesses are.  Were it not for “business”, there would be no wealth to take from anyone by governments.  Anything above basic subsistence would be defined as “too much” by a Determinator (government) and must be shared.  Therefore why produce any excess? 

It is why the communal concept does not work along with the possibility that the Determinator is incompetent in dividing up the work.  An example came up of an old saying that I’ll paraphrase because I can’t remember the exact words.  If you have more than you need, someone else is doing without. This saying has two parts.  The first is that you have too much as defined by some Determinator and the second part is that someone else does not have enough, also defined by a Determinator (maybe not the same one).  To be fair, this was meant to be a self-evaluation of need and had it stayed there, I wouldn’t be writing this. 

To continue though, the two parts are non-sequiturs.  Here is how I would state this old saying.  “If I buy a new car when I don’t “need” it, then someone, somewhere else in the world, is starving because I did that.” This is absurd.  That’s because….In our society in 2009, there is very little “need” depending on who is looking.  I could say that no one “needs” a new car and I could make a great argument, especially these days when some want to go back to horses – yes in yesterday’s paper a girl said she wanted to “uninvent cars” because she liked horses.  Of course if no one then was “authorized” by the Determinator to buy a new car, then who starves now?  We just moved the starvation from somewhere unknown to here in our own country, somewhere we know about.  So now we have two people starving, one here and one there.  Of course we could say that auto workers don’t “need” that much money to work on assembly lines.  They could get by with less so that others can eat.  But OH!  That’s not how it works.  Let’s see.  The rich get richer and even though they might give away a lot to charity, the Determinator knows best.

But now I have to tell you the best (or worst really) part.  Folks who believe that big corporations are evil do not back down when you say “Who” are you talking about?  They don’t know enough to name names, all they know is that there are “greedy” fat cats who are guilty of evil.  Notice I didn’t say crime.  So when you ask them what “crime” was committed, they don’t have one.  Only the “greed” is obvious because the media and politicians point to it.  Greed is not a crime – it is a sin.  They never question the veracity of their sources when there is huge evidence that lies are being perpetrated by many from the President of the United States, the Speaker of the House, NBC News, and on down through the New York Times.  When you ask who should go to jail for a crime, they only “hope” for that.  So there are some unknown people in these evil corporations who have been convicted without a trial or even an indictment.  Add to this that the accusers are highly educated in Christianity and still “judge” other people, who they don’t know and there is no evidence of even the sin of greed really.  Wow!

Do you see how this Marxist Model is really evil because even good people, who mean well, turn into judgmental people who are arguably really committing sin when the ones they judge probably are not?

So now do you know who the Determinator really is?

-Bill Bramer

Retired Naval Officer

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  1. 1 notsure on May 22, 2009 2:39 pm

    people like you are why this world is failing, grow up you selfish terrorist. Greed is a crime, there is no such thing as sin. This isn’t the 1700’s anymore, time to join the real world. And the gorvenment and media do not show all there workings, they are part of the corruption. please stop this and go back to your day job scrubbing bathrooms

  2. 2 yourdumb on May 23, 2009 3:23 pm

    this is stupid, no wonder you joined the navy,too dumb to take care of yourself. silly American trying to use his brain, hahaha.
    Here is a cookie, now go find your mittens.

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