Follow in Ponce de Leon’s Footsteps and Discover the Fountain of Youth

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Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine Florida is a wonderful place to spend the day to go back in time to experience the  history of Ponce de Leon, the Timucua Indians, and the beginning of Saint Augustine, Florida.

When you first arrive, you will have a small guided tour including a drink of water from the fountain of youth. After that you will enter one of three exhibits. The first stop is the Planetarium where you will get a view of how Ponce de Leon navigated using the stars as a guide, next is an area with dioramas of the Timucua Indians and Ponce de Leon. This is where your tour guide will tell you the history of the fountain and how Ponce discovered it, along with other interesting tid bits. The third stop is the Globe, another interesting display which points out areas of discovery.

After the tour, you will be able to roam around in this peaceful 15 acre property where you’ll see various exhibits, including the statue of Ponce de Leon, the actual Fountain of Youth, beautiful Peacocks and live cannon blasts.

Of course it is a great place for a picnic. Enjoy!


Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth
11 Magnolia Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

Tel (904) 829-3168
Fax (904) 826-1913

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