A Little Touch of History in Saint Augustine

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When the Huguenot’s were buried in the 1800’s due to a yellow fever outbreak, they were buried in a public cemetery outside the town’s walls called “Huguenot Cemetery” in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Well, the problem was when some of the burials took place, the person was really not dead from yellow fever, they were in a coma. So what they did was tie a string with a bell to the person’s finger when they were buried. Then if the person came out of the coma and was still alive…they would ring the little bell and they would be dug up…That is where the term “Saved by the Bell” came from.

The only other problem was there had to be someone there to hear the bell ring that is when they hired people for …the graveyard shift at night…..which is where the term “Graveyard Shift” came from.

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