Are You Righteous?

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February 20th, 2009 – Were you raised to be righteous?  I was but I just realized it today.  At least I just realized that the label could be applied.  Are you righteous?  Can you tell when someone else is?  I’ll tell you how.

Righteous men (ok, include women in this term too) are men who always try to do the right thing.  They are not concerned about what everyone else thinks.  Yes they may seek advice on what the right thing to do is but when they know the right thing, they do it.  They are self-less men.  The main test for the right thing to do is:  Is it the best thing for everyone else?  If that is true then it is best for them too.  Give them power to do things and everyone else benefits and that’s how you know they did the right thing and everyone else knows it too. They know because good things happen, lots of good things, accomplishments are plentiful.   They often put a smile on your face as you watch them.

Many men do NOT do the right thing for everyone.  They do what they think will most benefit them.  They put their finger in the wind and go with the most popular thing to do, ignoring all consequences.  Popularity is the main thing.  It’s easier to get power, to be socially acceptable, to have fame and fortune if you are popular.  They are selfish men.  Wielding power once obtained usually results in lots of “unintended consequences”, bad results or no results at all.

So now you know the difference between righteous men and selfish men and the results of them wielding power.  You may not agree with this short summary but I challenge you to provide any other analysis with tangible proof (with the same brevity).  So why should you care?  All of the reasons for caring are the good things that happen around righteous men and mostly bad things happen around selfish men.  Look all around you.  Starting close to home, you may be a member of a Homeowners Association or a Condominium Association.  Are these elections popularity contests?  Mostly they are.  In your local government, it’s who you know that gets you elected isn’t it?  Then peer up the ladder to State and Federal government to find the righteous men.  When you make the effort to vote in elections, are you voting for a righteous man?  Have you made the effort to find out if righteousness is part of the candidate’s character?  Can you tell if someone trying to get you to follow them is righteous?

I submit that many people cannot discern who is righteous!  Well I could be wrong but I think the majority of Americans voted for and elected a selfish man – Barack Obama.  Some have described him even more harshly.  I can rattle off my reasons like from whence he came up until now but all I ask is that if you haven’t discerned that yet, watch closely at what he says and then what he does.  Make a note of the bad people and bad things already happening around him and see if they get worse.  Was he raised to be righteous?

-Bill Bramer

Retired Naval Officer

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