Harvest of Hope Presents Chris Wollard with “Reason in My Rhyme”

SOP’s Battle of the Bands featuring Chris Wollard with “Reason in My Rhyme”


Chris Wollard never lets down with his musical endeavors and by hell if his first-ever solo album isn`t confusing the heavens out of me. Is this the same Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music, The Blacktop Cadence and Rumbleseat fame?

No matter, because anything the man puts hands to turns golden. I am even willing to bet that all those let down BRMC fans will be making a new home with Chris when they hear the brilliance in his album when it comes out February 17th.

After all this time playing in some of the most influential bands that have helped create entire genre`s, Chris hasn`t given in to all the bullshit and made some crap album that will be playing as the new 90210 theme next year, in fact I`m willing to bet he probably never watches that show.

What it all comes down to is his road weathered voice and roots battered instrumentation heard throughout The Ship Thieves. To support the artist and not the organization buy a copy from his label No Idea.


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