Prayer for the President (even if he gets on your nerves)

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February 9, 2009 – Okay.  It appears that I was wrong!  I predicted, though not to many people, that Obama would shut down the Office of Faith Based Initiatives started by W.  Yesterday the Wall Street Journal mentioned Obama’s initiative which is described by the Presidential Prayer Team as the “President’s Council on Faith.  By the way, he needs all Christians to pray for him and his team, even if you don’t like (mildest term for some) him.  Go to  If your feelings toward our president are worse than you just don’t like him, just send your name to my host web site and we will all pray for YOU.

The reason I predicted the closure of this office is my belief that the left hates God and prayer ultimately because they believe more in themselves than God.  So quietly shutting it down would be predictable.  But there is something else they hate and that is reducing government IN ANY WAY.  According to Presidential Prayer Team, Obama is bringing together “a diverse panel that will provide the President with public policy input on faith related issues, operating with the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships”.  There will be “5,000 attendees who will represent 50 states and 180 countries.”  I’m asked to pray for these attendees and “that Jesus Christ will be glorified in this gathering”.  Of course I do pray for that.  But I have to say that another principle that goes with left leaning leaders is to GROW GOVERNMENT, even if it’s in an area you don’t care for.  This appears to be ballooning like a nuclear weapon and I wonder if the fallout can be controlled.  What I ALSO pray for is that our Lord’s work is not co-opted into vote buying like most other government effort.

By the way, no mention was made in yesterday’s Daytona Beach News Journal of this at all.  Guess there were more important things to take up the space like “Congress postpones digital TV transition to June”, and “Sexting teens face felonies”, and “Obama caps execs’ pay”.  I know.  That’s just the front page.  Shouldn’t another Obama initiative be more important than some of this?  I “could be wrong” but I think that the local rag is not interested in Obama’s initiative in the area of faith.

I can’t encourage you enough to pray for our country.  There are so many aspects that need improvement and I will attempt to address some of those as time permits.  But also importantly, learn how our country works, what works well, and why some things don’t work.  If you haven’t already, you will be surprised to find the root cause of problems where you least expect them.

-Bill Bramer

Retired Naval Officer

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