Dollar Bill’s Corner: Ghosts in St. Augustine

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February 9, 2009

ST. AUGUSTINE – Oh yeah!  There are ghosts in St. Augustine!  Just ask, for instance, the people who work at Harry’s Restaurant on San Marco.  They will tell you all about the upstairs resident who has appeared and disappeared for years.  But she doesn’t leave to go back to Ohio, Iowa, or New York like a lot of tourists do.  She strays at Harry’s and dissolves before your very eyes.  When she gets tired of being alone (or just bread) she “shows” up again.

In tomorrow’s column I’ll tell you more about her and other ghosts who show up at the Spanish Military Hospital, Scarlet O’Hara’s Bar and Eatery, the Tolomato Cemetery, the Old Jail and other people who have been here for 400 years or more.

Sleep well tonight and remember… it’s a full moon tonight!

-Dollar Bill

One Response to Dollar Bill’s Corner: Ghosts in St. Augustine

  1. Alan

    Scary, Dollar Bill. That moon kept me awake all night.

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