Introducing: Dollar Bill’s Corner

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A new feature has been added to Dollar Bill’s Corner.  This column is written from the perspective of an especially articulate  homeless man living on the streets of St. Augustine.  – Scott Bufis (Executive Editor)

Hello and welcome everybody to what promises to be an enjoyable, entertaining and educational experience for all of us!  I’ll be bringing you stories from my own life on the street, in the woods and experiences in missions, soup kitchens, churches, jails, prisons, homes, jobs, beaches, the back seat of police cars and much, much more.

For now, ride safe, be safe, stay out of trouble and I’LL BE BACK!  – Dollar Bill

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  1. Brian Farmer

    In reference to our dollar bill. Many people are looking, searching, yearning for something to put their faith into. If they believe in conspiracy, evil hidden meanings, looking for the devil…They will someday realize, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU PUT YOUR ENERGY INTO” I’ve been addicted to everything on the streets, prison twice, looking for something, not knowing what something was, or that something was even missing. It was though, it was my personal relationship with The Living God through Jesus Christ. Now, my energy is spent on Loving Jesus and Loving my neighbors, which by the way, is way more than just the house next to your house, it is every car on every side of you in traffic, every person on every side of you in the grocery line. Even that old man holding the sign at the stop light, for the time you are at that stop light, he is indeed your neighbor! Love him. As I walk these simple steps, a peaceful mind and a happy heart begin to develop… and THAT is worth more than all the money, drugs, alcohol, relationships… in fact better than ANYTHING the “world” has to offer. As I look back, my biggest enemy was my own negative thinking. Our thought life is directly responsible for our stress level, which is directly responsible for 87% of ALL DISEASE. Think positive! Your Life depends on it.
    God, I’m sorry. Jesus, I believe…Thank You!
    Please come Live in my heart, work through my hands, and shine through my eyes. In return, I will find someone to encourage, EVERYDAY! Amen.

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