Jewell Mitchell Kutzer is The Mayberry Momma

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Judyth Piazza sits down with the Mayberry Momma – Jewell Kutzer

Jewell Mitchell Kutzer was born and raised in Mount Airy, N.C. — and it was Andy Griffith´s home town as well. Andy drew on many elements of the real town in fashioning the town of Mayberry for The Andy Griffith Show. Jewell is uniquely qualified to speak on the style and quality of life found in the small town — a way of living built on the principles of fairness, honesty, caring, and recognition for a job well done. It was a very special place, with uncommon diversity and strong values.

In this upbeat presentation, Jewell encourages the application of the principles and ethics she learned growing up in Mount Airy — including the significant wisdom and insights of her grandfather, a highly-respected local judge. Even the town´s quirkier residents provide interesting life lessons, and add to the humor of the message.

Should your group desire it, Jewell can give this message in costume as the “Mayberry Momma,” a character drawn from TV´s “Aunt Bee” and the author´s real “Aunt Bea.” No matter what part of the country the audience members are from, they will respond to this down-home, humorous, interactive presentation. Perfect for a luncheon or dinner meeting or to get your participants revved up in the morning.

Help your people get back on track for business and personal success
with wisdom and values from the real Mayberry.
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“LUNCHEON AND LAUGHTER” with the Mayberry Momma
“Goodness, Honey, What Would Your Momma Think?”
Secrets of the Mayberry Momma

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