Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center Have the Event of A Lifetime!

Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center

Have the Event of A Lifetime!

Okay, we’ve talked about the amazing rooms, the stunning location, and the amenities that you’ll receive.  We spoken about the way, after a long, hard road trip in 106 degree weather, that Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center rises like a mirage in front of your eyes – an oasis in this world that is just out there waiting for you.  But, there is one thing we haven’t yet spoken about and that is having a huge event.

As we all know – and even the ones of you who just don’t want to admit it – William and Kate were all the rage a couple of months ago as they hit the church and showed the world how a proper Prince and Princess wed.  The clothes – except for the wedding party, of course – were hideous.  And the English proved, once again, that their style and choice of hat is almost frightening.  After all, by wearing a peach-colored teapot on your head, it’s hard to take you seriously.

However, the spotlight was on two of the ‘pretty people,’ with that randy Prince Harry also standing in his colorful uniform to cheer his brother on.  Now, this wedding stuck in my mind as I began to wonder what a reception would look like at old Buckingham Palace.  I mean, considering it’s a palace with a staff of a billion, I was quite sure that the bride and groom didn’t lack for anything.  Seeing as that the rest of us are not in line for the throne, however, I began to wonder what palaces there were on our map where one would think of holding their event or reception.

Yes, I know.  There will always be those NYC spots that all brides think of – and the New York Public Library will always be one of the loveliest buildings in the world.  However, a lot like Buckingham Palace, most of us normal, everyday folk couldn’t afford that if we possibly tried.  And your wedding is the day you want remembered.  The reception is an event that will live in your mind forever; you’ll be able to remember everything from the cake to the color of the napkins, to how the table was set and how the china and silver gleamed.  And, (hopefully), your wedding will only occur once – no matter what those divorce statistics are saying – so you want to do it up right.

Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center is one of those amazing places that perhaps many would not think of, simply because they’re assuming that Yellowstone Inn is just for family vacations and a business meeting or two.  NO!  These are the most luxurious rooms out there!  And, the view?  God, for the view alone, the wedding would be memorable.  Even Will and Kate – pure nature lovers – would’ve loved to dump all the necessary ‘pomp and circumstance’ and get married in the lush forest and gorgeous surroundings that Yellowstone offers to every single visitor.

With such dynamic surroundings, each and every wedding ceremony in Yellowstone is unique and unforgettable.  But, at the end of the ceremony, the Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center would be waiting, willing, able, and an outstandingly stunning place to throw your reception.  The rooms are huge, the staff is amazing, and the warmth of ‘home’ is mixed in with the elegance of royalty.

The Best Western Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center is the only full-service 3 Diamond AAA rated property in Park County, and is the absolute best location for business and leisure travel.  Located in historic Livingston, Montana, just fifty miles from the north entrance to Yellowstone Pakr, they offer over three thousand square feet of meeting space which could hold a huge reception and a great deal of happy people!

And if the people say, “Forget it.  This place is way too nice to leave.” Yellowstone Inn also offers ninety-eight guest rooms to accommodate you and all your family.  The Best Western Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center is the premier hotel of the area.  And the gorgeous, Yellowstone Room, is ideal for dinner, or functions that are filled with love, and would be the perfect backdrop to some of your happiest memories.  The Yellowstone Room can even be divided into three separate rooms ideal for any style, so that you can decorate and plan one of the most amazing evenings of your entire life.

The Paradise Room is exactly what it says it is.  This is a room for a smaller crowd, but add in the indoor pool deck area which is the ideal spot for receptions, reunions, and large gatherings, and you have made your very own paradise in one of the most magnificent locations in the world.  There is a built-in stage which provides entertainment for your guests, and the professional staff assists you in planning and coordinating your most important function, right down to the last detail.   Creativity, detail, beauty…everything is offered by this amazing team that puts their love and caring into your event.

Experienced meeting planners are available to help you plan every event, meal, and to meet your every need.  And special event planning is their specialty – from meeting every culinary need, and if you have special needs or requests, here is one place left on the planet that actually fills each and every single one of them!  It’s almost as if you ARE Kate, and have a team of professionals dancing around you in order to give you the absolutely perfect day!

And do you wish to get away from the crowd?  Most of us do after all the hub-bub is over, so that you can begin spending time with the significant other who you’ve fallen head over heels in love with.  The nature is stunning – from a float trip, to fly-fishing lessons, or a guide to touring Yellowstone, to a horseback trip that will have your eyes shining with the beauty of it all – what better way would there be to start out a life together?

The Best of Western Hospitality truly defines the newly remodeled and refurbished Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center.  History is all around you in this landmark in this historic western train town. The spacious rooms are accented by a unique western flavor, modern amenities, and designed for easy, comfortable rest.  And the food?  There isn’t enough room on this page to let you know the delicacies and fantastic food that you and your guests would receive.

Do you want a truly ‘white wedding?’  Even that is not a problem, because The Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center offers an indoor heated swimming pool, and an indoor heated parking garage that will keep you as warm as you are in your new spouse’s arms

Yes, there is more.  From the small, minute details that some don’t even worry about – to the big, grand stage of the reception, itself – Yellowstone Inn has thought of absolutely everything.  A guest 24-hour laundry with coin-operated washers and dryers; ice/vending machines; complimentary, wireless high-speed Internet access; a picnic area; fax and photocopy machine; 24-hour front desk and guest lobby; elevator, wheelchair accessible; 24-hour lobby coffee service; cable satellite television; 25-inch with four HBO channels and three ESPN channels in all guest rooms; AM/FM radio stereo; direct dial telephone with voicemail and dataport; lock bars in all rooms; room service, and the list goes on!  Not to mention, as we ALL know, the BEST scenery in the entire world!

And the cost is absolutely minimal!  There are also AAA discounts and internet rate discounts available for all!
As you enter the next “phase” of your life with your true love by your side, begin that future just as amazingly as you possible can.  And to do that is absolutely simple.  Plan your event at the Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center you’ll be guaranteed the perfect “first step” on your way to a long and truly happy marriage.  Even Will and Kate would be jealous!

Until Next Time, Everybody!


Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center
1515 West Park Livingston, MT. 59047
(I-90 exit 333)
Phone: (406) 222-6110
Toll-Free (800) 770-1874 (U.S. Reservations)
Fax: (406) 222-3357

For Reservation information:

For Sales and Catering information:
Deb Kowalzek, Director of Sales or

For Guest Services information:
Joel Boren, Guest Services Manager



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