Triple G May Just be the New KO King in Boxing


Triple G May Just be the New KO King in Boxing


We have come to midyear; the first part of the boxing season is over and to sum up…Triple G has literally raced away from the pack to show the world that he may just be the next KO King to take the crown.


Now, yes, there is far more coming up. And, yes, just like golf someone can be a leader and then crap out when the end comes to pass. But up until now, Gennady Golovkin, has been the one to watch. This middleweight titlist has not only been boxing in the ring, he has been looking a lot like his own brand of Wolverine minus the spikes coming out of the gloves.


They call him Triple G, and thus far has only racked up wins. Golovkin (27-0) has 24 KO’s, which gives him the highest knockout percentage of any active titleholder in the entire realm of boxing.


Madison Square Garden was where it began back in January, with Gabriel Rosado being halted in the seventh round looking very much like a victim of Freddy Krueger when it was over. And, even more surprising, is the fact that Triple G was actually suffering from the flu when he gave him the beating of a lifetime.


Nobuhiro Ishida in Monaco was the next competitor, and although not at the top of anyone’s ‘best’ list, he did have the claim to fame of being a former GolovkinUni410NF1_(2)-530x317interim junior middleweight titlist who’d never seen defeat, even when he went up against some seriously great competition. The fight was actually an ode to Stephen King as far as eerie was concerned. Golovkin walked in as if he was the Devil, himself, and delivered the KO in the third-round.


Matthew Macklin is seen as one of the ‘best of the best’ in the boxing world and everyone had their money on this guy. But in June, Golovkin again seemed to look as if he was untouchable. He never even blinked at the fact that he was facing his toughest competition ever when he entered the ring. Apparently, he was right not to worry. In the third round, Golovkin delivered a left hook that no rib was going to stand up against and Macklin fell to the canvas wailing in pain.


For those who are unaware (and I’m not sure who you could be), Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin is a Kazakh boxer. He competed in the Middleweight (75 kg) division at the 2004 Summer Olympics and took home the silver medal. The way he’s going now, the gold would be quite easy for him to snag. Residing as the current WBA and IBO Middleweight Champion, that KO ratio is literally the best in middleweight championship history.


Never taking a knockout, Triple G hasn’t even seen or smelled the canvas in any fight…ever. And that is 375+ fights we’re talking about when combining his professional and amateur careers.


His very first Middleweight Major Title was earned in 2010, grabbing the (then vacant) WBA Interim Middleweight Title by defeating Milton Nunez with a KO in the first round. Promoted to WBA Regular Champion status, Triple G proved he deserved every bit of it when he successfully defended his title by delivering a KO in the third round to Nilson Julio Tapia of Columbia.


This is a boxer who has made it quite clear to newspapers, fans and the boxing world that he is not going to stop until he becomes the name on everyone’s lips. In other words, he’s looking for that Rocky Marciano/Sugar Ray, etc., status before everything is said and done.


Triple G brings a bit of a ‘new style’ to the boxing world. What experts call his ‘Soviet’ discipline shows a great deal. We’re not only talking power, we’re talking about a face that shows nothing – no fear, no pain, no nothing. It’s as if all the aggression he has inside him has been countered with the steely cold determination that were the adjectives once used to describe the soviet mentality.


It’s as if the guy is some sort of hybrid; and his competitors may agree that Triple G is almost like a robot; a machine that simply can’t be stopped.


Ali is still the ‘Greatest’ – Rocky Marciano is still the man who changed the sport and brought power to the ring. Sugar Ray is the one with the quick, dancing feet, and Foreman is still the one that lacked the speed but had the ability to make little birds fly around his opponent’s head in record time. It will be interesting to see just where Triple G ends up fitting into the list of the ‘best of the best.’


Until Next Time, Everybody,



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