Top 10 Tips to Write the Best Team Appreciation or Thank You Letters

Sharon Baker shares a few tips to write an effective team appreciation letter. 

Whether you are writing to appreciate someone who went out of the way to help you or you have to recognize your loyal customer or acknowledge that personalized gift your cousin gave you for  Christmas, people  like being recognized and appreciated for the little things they do out of kindness for you. Here we are discussing one of the reasons to write a letter of appreciation – to recognize the efforts of a team in achieving the organizational goals.

As managers, you tend to forget the enormous efforts of your teams put forth to meet the organizational goals. Untiring and consistent efforts of a team should never go unrecognized. You as a manager must do something that implies that you appreciate your team and the efforts that they have put forth. Such appreciation letters push the team to continue the good work that can yield good results.

Tips to Write Team Appreciation Letter

Be Timely:

A team appreciation letter should be sent to a team, for achieving certain goals, for successfully completing a project, for solving a certain problem and so on. While sending the letter, remember that it should be a timely letter, and not much time should have passed the day of accomplishment that you wish to appreciate.

The more the time gap between the appreciation and the accomplishing action, the less impact it will have over the team members.

Plan Your Letter:

Before you write the letter, go through the accomplishment and fetch data regarding the team’s efforts. If possible, see data about what responsibility each individual team member has accomplished. Plan the content of your letter, so that you do not miss on any important point.

Address Appropriately:

The letter of appreciation should be addressed to each member of the team, if the size of the team is small. However, for a large team a mass letter is fine. If the team members are 5-10 try addressing the letter to individual team member.

Be Specific:

If you wish to see the same enthusiasm and dedication in the team to achieve new goals, you must be specific while appreciating them. Let them know what are you appreciating about them. A generic appreciation letter may not serve its purpose and leave the employee wondering ‘what exactly you are complimenting about’.

Highlight the Reasons to Appreciate:

For a letter to be an effective appreciation letter, you must highlight the reasons why you are thanking the person. Let the addressee know his/her contribution in a certain accomplishment. Point out how the member helped in completing the task, or meeting the goal. Acknowledging their efforts and letting them know that you actually understand how the team led to success can have a motivating impact on the team.

If you are sending the letter individually, let every individual know that you acknowledge their share in the accomplishment.

Be Relational:

While acknowledging accomplishment of the team, be relational and do not just talk of the numbers. Make sure you talk about the success but at the same time how the team members made it possible. Let every team member feel that he/she makes a difference. This will make them feel come to work everyday to give their best possible.

Show Confidence:

Express your confidence in your team. Tell them that you have always had confidence in their abilities and they have always proved you right. Let them know that you expect the best of them and they keep surpassing your expectations.

Be Genuine:

An appreciation letter need not be flashy or exaggerated. Simple yet genuine appreciation is more than enough for an employee to continue his good work and strive for more appreciation.

Congratulate Again:

Towards the closing paragraph of the letter, you must once again congratulate your team for the success and thank them for their efforts. If you are addressing the letter to each individual, say something along the lines of thanking.

Proofread your Letter:

Proofread the letter to avoid any missing acknowledgement.

Appreciating your team for an accomplishment not only acknowledges their work but also motivates them to continue the good work and give their best always. To help you in appreciating your team through a letter, we have given above given tips. An effective appreciation team will  bring new zeal and enthusiasm in your team members.


About the Author

Sharon Baker is a business writer who finds a useful site in enhancing knowledge about business letter writing.


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