The Most Popular ‘Resolution’ is Xist Fitness!

More and more comments and questions are rolling in every time we speak about the incredible franchise called Xist Fitness. Not Logo Xist Fitonly that, but excitement keeps building about the fact that there’s finally a gym that will offer the best in equipment, staff and calming surroundings that will make us all actually WANT to become fit instead of just feeling guilty about the fact that we SHOULD be fit.

As we head even closer to the 2013 ‘lift-off,’ more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to get healthy and stay in shape. But many of us need to keep one thing in mind – and it’s a very important thing. Every year, when we make this same old resolution to get fit, go to a gym, work out and maintain a healthy weight – we go into it full-force and decide that the more vigorous the exercise, the better off we’ll all be. And we all know what this does. Every year the resolution is made and by February the gym is getting the monthly membership fees even though we aren’t stepping one foot inside the facility. Good for them…bad for us.

With Xist Fitness, not only will the resolution this year be the right one, but it will also be a lasting one. The reasons ‘why’ are too long to name, but the biggest one comes from the fact that Xist Fitness is a realm all its own. This is a world where you can understand the differences between moderate and vigorous activity; a world where you are aided by the ‘best of the best’ in the industry; and a world where you are not embarrassed to exercise. In fact, you feel better, look better and become healthier with the membership. You finally find a gym that can help you and provide you with the ‘right’ data, instead of some hook that says if you practically kill yourself for forty hours a day you’ll be in shape and look better.

There is a huge difference between vigorous and moderate activity. There are things you can do, such as taking a brisk walk, golfing (with no cart, by the way. Carrying the golf clubs and walking is where the activity truly lies). You can swim, play tennis, bicycle through town on level terrain. Heck, even cleaning the house, washing windows, vacuuming – these are all moderate levels of activity that make your heart stronger and your body better, and the workouts at Xist Fitness can be part of that schedule that turns good health into great health on a weekly basis.

On the other side of the coin are vigorous workouts. And this high-intensity is only made for some. There are many researchers and scientific studies that say the more vigorous you are in your youth the harder maturity will be as your bones and muscles simply can’t stand up to that type of constant pain anymore. A vigorous workout can involve jogging or running up hill and down, swimming laps instead of recreationally, playing tennis with the Williams’ sisters instead of enjoying it with a friend who is about as skilled as you are at the sport, and getting on that bicycle for a chance to head up extremely steep hills at over 10 mph. This is the training for athletes, and the intensity level is much higher for them than for the average human being who simply wants to live longer.

With Xist Fitness and their extremely skilled staff, you can find some of the easiest ways to make your heartfelt resolution stick this year. You can even learn about how to take simple heart rate tests without the benefit of being hooked up to some frightening looking machines that were found on Rocky Balboa in the movies.

In order to really understand what the intensity of your activity is, think about this: If you can sing, hum or talk during the activity, then you are on the lighter/moderate side of things. Whereas, if you can’t speak without losing your breath, you are in that vigorous place that can, in the future, become something you wish you hadn’t done.

Workouts always need to be adjusted and managed correctly, and the surroundings where you are having that workout need to be as calming and relaxing as possible. And when you first begin, when you first walk through the doors of Xist Fitness, do NOT go in assuming you will look like a runway model on the way out. Muscles will hurt at the beginning, and the slight depression or anger that appears when the weight doesn’t come off as quickly as it came on, needs to be set aside.

With Xist Fitness you can do it! You can look forward to the ringing in of 2014 being the best New Year’s Eve yet. Why is that? Because by becoming a member of Xist Fitness, your 2013 resolution will come absolutely true!

Begin your New Year’s resolution now by heading to:



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