The Face of Social Media is Changing

Simplify360 is a company that is being ‘touted’ more and more in social media ‘circles.’ Which comes as no surprise, considering that this company is based on offering social media management services through its’ ‘unique’ cloud-based platform.


They have JUST announced that they are now ‘partnering’ with Be First, a Montana-based social and content marketing company. Be First Inc currently manages over one million Twitter Followers, fifty Facebook profiles and several LinkedIn profiles, for companies located across the United States. In addition, Be First produces and publishes content to online papers with eight million page views per month.


The partnership with Be First allows Simplify360 customers to utilize the Be First network as a vehicle for distributing their own content and driving traffic to their business. Media agencies, market research companies, as well as enterprises, will be able to leverage the Be First network to grow their own social followings. Which, as we know, is a ‘must-do’ when speaking about increasing a business’s cash flow.


The Simplify360 social media platform allows companies to effectively grow and manage social followings while at the same time monitoring what’s said from both a positive and a negative perspective. The platform also allows for the publishing of content, which is something more and more companies are interested in working into their own media and marketing plans.


This new partnership came about as a result of Be First initially becoming a client of Simplify360.


Be First is managing so many Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that we soon found that we had to find a tool that would consolidate most of the work we needed to accomplish in one place,” said Sherry Gillam, President of Be First. “We have

used all the popular tools out there and continue to use some of them today, but Simplify360 has made our lives so much better by making it far easier to offer the best service possible to our clients. We are now able to know what’s happening in all facets of our clients’ businesses and immediately manage or fix any and all issues as they arise.


“The analysis and reporting capabilities of the Simplify360 tool are unmatched. Our clients trust us to let them know what is going on out there with up-to-the-minute information, and with the Simplify360 platform, we can.


“In addition to the social media management aspect of Simplify360, we can also manage the publishing of content which is a huge time saver. We don’t have to keep logging in and out of different systems in order to stay on top of our business!


“Sumner Redstone, the American media magnate, was most assuredly correct when he coined the phrase, Content is King. Especially now in this age of futuristic technology and the overwhelming power of the Internet. Without ‘fresh’ content that engages the people, we could not keep our clients in front of the ‘audience’ they need in order to build their brand and increase their cash flow.


“After using the tool for a period of time, Simplify360 approached us and asked if we would be interested in offering our services in a joint venture, by giving customers access to our capabilities through the tool. We thought it was a great idea which has now become a reality.”


When asked about the joint venture, Naren Duvurru, Head of the Americas for Simplify 360, stated that: “Simplify360 is somewhat of a newcomer to the United States market, but already there has been great interest in our services, especially by media and marketing agencies. When agencies see how easy it is to manage large numbers of client profiles, along with the endless reporting and publishing capabilities, they take a hard look at us and find their solution. We’ve priced our services aggressively to gain the same kind of market share in the States that we’ve been able to garner in Europe and Asia. The platform was designed with agencies and large companies in mind, and there’s no comparison when it comes to the capabilities of our platform as opposed to some of the ‘big boys’ out there. We are continuing to look for both agency customers and partners in the U.S. who understand and appreciate the level of functionality that we’ve put into the platform.”


As agencies, media and marketing firms and businesses – small and large – learn more about Simplify360 – the way they do things for their clients will definitely change!


For more information, head to:

Be First Inc


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