The Challenges of Social Media!


Techno Geek to Techno Geek

The Challenges of Social Media!

Remember the days when it was ‘bad’ to be a geek? Oh, I do. The brains were there but the looks in the cheerleading uniform weren’t? Well…I suppose that ‘weight on the shoulders’ is still part of the daily high school life, but nowadays being a techno geek also means a whole lot more than dealing with ribbing from others. It means a great job; it means money in your future; and it means that when YOU get in front of one of these technological creations YOU can do a whole heck of a lot more than just say ‘Hi’ to friends on Facebook. After all…just look at Facebook. Techno Geeks have used their huge intelligence to make the Internet Superhighway, which includes all the channels that must be used by businesses in the realm of social media in order to keep our country rolling – even in the hardest of times.

However, there are issues when it comes to computers (as we all know on those days when files are lost and we want nothing more than to pick up said computer and see if it defies gravity as it sails across the backyard). Enter the Social Media Team. Yup, the techno geek that YOU need in order to make your business grow bigger and enlarge your customer base.

We are talking about data analytics and what can happen when you’re having that great day but the channels or sites are just not working. Simplify360 and Be First, Inc. are companies that know how to solve issues like these – they know how to solve them quickly, easily and as painlessly for the owner as humanly possible.

Let’s start with your brand; that one thing you must build so that the millions of consumers out there know who you are and what you sell. New brands are announced in many places – take Twitter and Facebook, for example, seeing as that they are the two most used social media tools in the world.

A new brand will be placed on these channels. When others view the data that is placed there it’s actually in its raw form. It is the trained analyst that knows all about this raw form, can look at it, and immediately see patterns in the data. From there, they can form business decisions based on what they see. Which means they KNOW how to increase YOUR brand. For people who wish to run a business and do not wish to learn the ins and outs of the techno geek world, you need that person who can find the ‘author’s’ sentiment when it comes to their brand and what they are trying to say. They can also scan data and learn about the popularity of your specific brand or messages and what a particular, say…country is saying about your brand and your new company. There are positives that they can read and there are negatives that can come up when you’re dealing with consumers and how they feel about your advertising and marketing. Is it working? Only a social media team will be able to tell you that – and where the changes must be made.

Learning that machine – that technological god – is the most important requirement when wanting to know how you, your company, and your brand is faring. Again, when speaking about learning all of these ins and outs, you can try an unsupervised method (You know, like Building Brands for Dummies, that sort of thing.) But with a social media team, the supervised learning techniques are far easier and quicker – which means you do not hold up your branding or building of that client base. Once statements and the consumer’s thoughts about your brand are collected and looked over – positive tweets and negative tweets – the social media team can solve these issues and erase that negative sentiment. Then they produce training algorithms that can be more personal for the CEO if they want more time on that web where they come face-to-face and want to be more hands on with their consumers. Bigger companies have a far tougher time at this, of course, because of their size and various administrative problems. Yes they are more highly equipped when it comes to advertising and marketing, but a smaller company can use a simple algorithm that trains employees faster and has better runtime.

Ah…storage. Even when we look at our closets we cringe, but when it comes to a computer and that complete and utter need of Speed and Volume arrives, the cringe could turn quickly into sobs of confusion without the social media team who knows what you need and has the ability to run all programs and search the data analytics for your company.

There are many systems that do solve volume problems, like Google’s Big Data. And other systems that solve speed problems by using indexing like RDBMS systems. However…what most businesses don’t know is that neither of these are suitable for Social Media data storage, seeing as that branding, marketing, advertising, etc. needs BOTH volume and speed at the same time. Example: It is necessary to have a system that handles a data rate of a hundred data entries per second!

Another data analytic issue comes up when speaking about language. Oddly enough, even with all the world speaking something different, most all systems are up and ready when it comes to English – and you can say the same for other languages. Training models have to be prepared in such a way that when it comes to any message, language has to be determined first and then the model corresponding to that language is applied over the message. As we know, if you want to brand and brand big – you NEED to be able to have your name, your brand everything, in various countries and you NEED to be able to know what they’re saying in both the positive and negative sense.

Having a channel as large as YouTube brings on the issue of being able to have a system that is well versed in picture and video. This is an extensive process where a social media team (your beloved techno geeks) need to be able to take over and make sure that when you want with all your heart to have that YouTube campaign, that you not only have the picture and video necessary to make it stunning, but also have subsystems that can even check for copyright infringements in uploaded video.

Social Media Managers like Be First, Inc. have that knowledge that MUST be had when it comes to data  analytics and the latest innovations. Social Media campaigns are YOUR businesses requirement when it comes to increasing your value! And even if you didn’t perhaps speak to the Techno-Geek in high school, he/she is smiling wide now for a very important reason. YOU seriously need THEM!

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